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Hi, and welcome to my website. Once upon a time I was just like you and struggled to build a profitable blog or online business. I now have a portfolio of websites that I would like to share with you. Track my whole journey on

Best Affiliate Programs

Take a look at some of the best affiliate programs I have found for hundreds of website niches. I have researched hundreds available to save you time so you can start earning affiliate commissions today.

Affiliate Programs for Small Business

20 Best Affiliate Programs for Small Business

This is my round-up of the 20 best affiliate programs for small business, which is an absolutely amazing sector for generating affiliate income!  Small business does not always spring to mind as the first stop for affiliate marketing, but it should, especially as in both the UK and the US, small businesses account for over […]

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Recurring Commissions AFFILIATE PROGRAMS

20 Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Commissions

I've searched high and low across the web for 20 of the best affiliate programs for recurring commission.  This is the list that every affiliate marketer is looking for because recurring commission is perfect for building passive income quickly! A recurring commission affiliate program is an affiliate program where you will receive commission payouts on […]

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Health and Wellness affiliate programs

20 Best Affiliate Programs for Health and Wellness

Let's take a look at my selection of 20 of the best affiliate programs for health and wellness.  Health and wellness is a highly lucrative niche for affiliate marketing. It is a 4.4 trillion dollar industry with year-on-year global growth that shows no signs of slowing down!  Affiliate marketers who have worked hard to build […]

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Latest Income Reports

Every month I give you the latest earnings from all my passive income journeys. Follow me as I test different strategies and help you create the perfect niche website to help you make a full-time passive income.

blogging income report

Blogging Income Report for August 2021

Well, August was interesting for me as it was the first month as a full-time blogger that I took 2 weeks off. I was a little worried that my income might have suffered for it. Well, check out the video to see if it did.

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blogging income report july 2021

Blogging Income Report July 2021

Here is a full breakdown of my blogging income report for July 2021. In this video, I show you all my income and even share my P&L which includes my YouTube revenue, Website earnings, and affiliate income. Let's see how much I made online and what expenses I paid out.

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income report june 2021

Income Report June 2021

Here is my income reports from all my websites, YouTube, and Affiliate marketing programs I take part in. It was another great month in which I broke the $10k target for the second month running. Which I'm super pleased about Especially as QTR2 is not known for being a big month. Watch the video for […]

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Latest Site for Sale

I am building up a massive portfolio of websites that are earning me a great passive income. Some of these sites are up for sale. Here is the latest one!
NOW SOLD ** Steam Cleaning Website

NOW SOLD ** Steam Cleaning Website

THIS WEBSITE HAS NOW SOLD-Thank you all for your offers Website for sale in the cleaning niche. Narrowed down to steam cleaning this website offers the chance to rank for 1000's of related keywords. Both information and products keywords are suitable. After the past 18 months with covid and all the issues, the world has […]
Check out the site here!

Latest Articles

Here are all the latest articles on Follow me as I test different strategies and help you create the perfect niche website to help you make a full-time passive income.
Blog Income Report

Blog Income Report Sept 2021 $12000+

Here is a breakdown of my blog income for Sept 2021 In this video, I show you what's needed to start making money online and help you understand the time and financial commitment needed to build a successful affiliate website. See how much money a niche website earns and how much time and investment is […]

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aged domains vs expired

Aged Domain VS Expired Domain - What's the difference?

One of the most important things about your website and your online presence as a brand is your domain. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to start using a new domain from scratch – you’re automatically relegated to the bottom of SEO ranks. This is why many businesses turn to aged and expired domains. Aged and expired […]

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key stats for 2021

Key 2021 stats that every online business owner needs to know

After the upheavals of 2020, it seems that all eyes are on the opportunities the internet can provide for building businesses and generating income. Indeed, 2020 was the year that I kicked off my YouTube channel. In just 12 months my two channels have seen amazing growth and enabled me to build an authentic encouraging […]

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clean up your email list

How to clean up your email list and improve deliverability

I hope you have hot soapy water and a sponge to hand because right now we are going to take a look at how to clean up your email list.  Think about it, you probably have done an excellent job of getting your first 5000 subscribers and now you have a long list that is […]

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how to avoid emails going to spam

How to avoid emails going to spam

Let's talk about how to avoid emails going to spam. For those of you who are steadily growing an email subscriber list and running campaigns, you'll know that it's hard to avoid some of the emails you send ending up in someone's junk mail folder, despite the opt-in from the recipient.  If you are anything […]

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Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme

Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

I've decided to write this article because a lot of people are reaching out to me through the site or on social media to ask “is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?”, and I think it's worth putting an answer out there with my thoughts on the legitimacy of affiliate marketing. If you are considering taking […]

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