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Hi, and welcome to my website. Once upon a time I was just like you and struggled to build a profitable blog or online business. I now have a portfolio of websites that I would like to share with you. Track my whole journey on

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Every month I give you the latest earnings from all my passive income journeys. Follow me as I test different strategies and help you create the perfect niche website to help you make a full-time passive income.

income report june 2021

Income Report June 2021

Here is my income reports from all my websites, YouTube, and Affiliate marketing programs I take part in. It was another great month in which I broke the $10k target for the second month running. Which I'm super pleased about Especially as QTR2 is not known for being a big month. Watch the video for […]

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blogging income report for may 2021

Blogging Income Report May 2021

Well, what a month it has been. For those of you who just want to see the numbers I have listed them below. However, there is a lot of detail in the video so I suggest you watch it until the end. Total income $11386 Websites $5347.93 Affiliate Brand income $6038.07 Total Expenses $ 4646.55 […]

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income report march 2021

Income Report for March 2021 - $8018 Passive Income

Here is my blogging income report ( Affiliate marketing ) it really should be called as a lot of my income comes from many places now not just my websites. I hope by providing these very detailed income reports you can see what you'll need to do to make similar amounts and how much time […]

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I am building up a massive portfolio of websites that are earning me a great passive income. Some of these sites are up for sale. Here is the latest one!
High Ticket Item website - Sold $24000

High Ticket Item website - Sold $24000

If you have followed my YouTube income reports you'll have seen this website included in every single income report. This website only sells or promotes high ticket items and expensive products ranging from $50 - $5000 This ensures that you make good amazon commissions even with little traffic. So, Why did I decide to sell […]
Check out the site here!

Latest Articles

Here are all the latest articles on Follow me as I test different strategies and help you create the perfect niche website to help you make a full-time passive income.
email vs social

Email list vs Social media Groups

I've found that if you want to increase the momentum of your affiliate marketing, you have to be ready to promote your content outside of your websites. It's a sure-fire way of consolidating the traffic you drive to your site and keeping your audience engaged. Two of the most reliable ways of doing this are […]

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Introducing POPCORN - Our Own WordPress theme!

As you're reading this you'll have to imagine the drumroll or that horn WP Eagle always honks… The Eagle has landed! Well, actually it's more like our new WP theme has landed. And I'm delighted to share with you the exciting news that I, in collaboration with Alex at WP Eagle and of Phil of […]

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carl broadbent

Looking for negativity to grow your online business

Carl, don't be so negative! If you haven't watched my YouTube video "Looking for negativity to grow your online business" you may be wondering why this post seems like I'm on a real downer. But really, I've been taking stock of my position with my projects and I thought it would be wise to tackle […]

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link cloacking

What is link cloaking? ( Should you do it )

In some ways, this article feels like stepping into the back alleys and murky depths of the affiliate marketing industry. After all, the term link cloaking sounds a little bit shifty and clandestine. But if you are serious about affiliate marketing, link cloaking or masking is something you may have to do. And as with […]

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closing down a website

What to do if you abandon a website?

Knowing how to abandon a website is useful knowledge for the online entrepreneur So much of being a full-time blogger or affiliate marketer is, to be honest, a bit of an experiment. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself continually researching keywords and speculatively trawling domains, and if the opportunity seems viable, […]

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how to write a blog post

How to write a blog in a niche you don’t know

It's great to find a niche that has real potential for success, but if you know nothing about it, you've got your work cut out for you.  If you are on the journey to building a passive income through thriving online affiliate marketing websites, you'll know that step one of a million is to find […]

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