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6 Best AI Affiliate Programs 2024 (High Commission & Easy to Promote)




Best AI Affiliate Programs for Beginners

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So, what makes the best AI affiliate programs stand out?

For me, it boils down to four things:

  1. How useful is the tool for my audience?
  2. How easy it is to promote?
  3. How long the cookie period lasts?
  4. And how big the commission is?

If a tool is top-notch, that’s great, but if it’s tough to explain to your audience or they don’t see the value, they won’t buy, and you’ll miss out on that commission.

On the flip side, even if the commission is tempting, promoting a bad tool could end up disappointing your audience in the long run, which isn’t worth it.

These six AI tools affiliate programs I talk about in the article really hit the mark – they’re fantastic! They’re super user-friendly, which makes promoting them a breeze, and the commissions they offer are really generous.

So, let’s start!

1. Leonardo AI

  • Cookies: 60 Days
  • Commission: 25%

If you’re looking for a top-tier AI affiliate program, Leonardo Ai affiliate program should be at the top of your list.

Here’s why!

Leonardo Ai offers cutting-edge AI tools designed for creative professionals. With their suite of AI-first art tools, affiliates can promote powerful features like image generation and AI video creation. These tools allow users to generate stunning visuals and animations effortlessly, offering complete creative control.

Promoting Leonardo Ai is easy because you can explain to your audience how simple is to use this tool:

  • High-Quality Outputs: You can highlight how easy is to generate breathtaking images and videos in seconds using high-quality AI models and customizable presets.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The Canvas Editor simplifies editing and refining artwork, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced artists.
  • Versatile Video Solutions: Leonardo’s AI Video Generator, Motion, transforms static images into dynamic animations, perfect for enhancing video storytelling.

Why Join Leonardo Ai’s Affiliate Program:

  • Generous Commission Structure: Earn a 25% commission on the first 6 payments within the first 6 months for each referred paying customer.
  • Appealing Product for Creatives: The tools cater to a broad audience of creatives, from artists to video producers, ensuring a wide potential customer base.
  • Strong Brand Reputation: Leonardo Ai is recognized for its innovation in AI-driven creativity, making it easier to market to tech-savvy and art-focused audiences alike.

Leonardo Ai stands out in the AI affiliate space with its innovative tools and attractive commission rates. Promoting their products is straightforward thanks to their intuitive interfaces and powerful creative capabilities. Whether your audience includes artists, designers, or video creators, Leonardo Ai offers the tools they need to bring their visions to life effortlessly. Join here!

2. Jasper AI

  • Cookies: 45 days
  • Commission: up to 30%

The next one on my list is Jasper AI.

You can earn up to 30% recurring commissions for 12 months by introducing your audience to Jasper, a powerful AI copilot for marketing teams.

Here’s how it works: when someone clicks your unique affiliate link and subscribes to Jasper within 45 days, you earn a 25% commission on their subscription price. Plus, the more customers you refer and the longer they use Jasper, the higher your commission can go — up to 30% after referring 100 customers.

Here is why Jasper AI is easy to promote:

  • High Value Product: Jasper isn’t just another tool; it’s an AI-driven solution designed to help businesses grow. Your customers, whether they’re content creators, entrepreneurs, educators, freelancers, or marketers, will find immense value in Jasper’s capabilities.
  • Recurring Commissions: You earn commissions every month for up to a year from each referral, which means your efforts pay off over time.
  • Support and Success: Top affiliates not only refer customers but also provide ongoing support, ensuring their audience gets the most out of Jasper. This ongoing engagement not only helps your audience but also increases your earnings potential.
  • Payment Reliability: Commissions are paid out monthly, provided they meet a minimum of $25 and are due at least 30 days after the referral’s payment. This ensures you get rewarded promptly for your efforts.

Join Jasper AI affiliate program today and start earning by sharing a tool that can genuinely benefit your audience’s business growth journey! Join here!

3. Koala AI

  • Cookies: 60 days
  • Commission: 30% lifetime

Well, does Koala AI really need an introduction? I wouldn’t say so.

If you’re diving into AI affiliate programs, Koala AI stands out in the competitive AI writing tool market. Powered by GPT-4, Koala AI excels in generating blog posts swiftly from basic prompts, integrating SERP analysis to optimize content for search engine rankings.

What sets Koala apart is its flexibility in creating on-brand marketing copy. With seven writing styles and four voices to choose from, it ensures your content resonates with your audience. It even crafts Amazon affiliate articles using real-time product data and authentic reviews, a boon for Amazon affiliate marketers seeking effective content creation tools.

Joining the Koala AI affiliate program is straightforward. Earn a substantial 30% lifetime recurring commission with a generous 60-day cookie window.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking to expand your portfolio, Koala AI offers an enticing opportunity with its competitive commission structure and innovative AI tools. Explore the potential of Koala AI’s affiliate program today. Join here!

4. Pictory AI

  • Cookies: 9,999 days 😊
  • Commission: up to 50%

Pictory revolutionizes content creation by transforming text and URLs into engaging videos within seconds. This tool is a game-changer for anyone in content creation, enabling you to produce studio-quality videos effortlessly. Whether you’re turning blog posts into dynamic video content or creating short, impactful clips for social media, Pictory simplifies the entire process.

What sets the Pictory AI Affiliate Program apart is its ease of promotion. With commission rates soaring up to 50% and a cookie duration of an astounding 9,999 days, you can earn substantial recurring income from every sale you refer. Starting as a Standard Affiliate, you can quickly progress through various tiers—VIP, Super, and Mega—each offering higher commissions, premium account perks, and even a significant $1,000 bonus at the top tier.

Promoting Pictory is straightforward because of its universal appeal: businesses and individuals alike struggle with video content creation, making Pictory a solution that practically sells itself. Moreover, with generous commissions and long-lasting cookies, you can earn from your referrals over the long term without constant effort.

Joining the Pictory Affiliate Program means not only promoting a cutting-edge AI tool but also enjoying robust support resources and hassle-free payments through PayPal or even bank transfer at higher levels. Join here!

5. Semrush

  • Cookies: 120 days
  • Commission: from $200 per sale

Well, this is the big one. You won’t find any online business owner who can’t benefit from this tool.

Semrush provides a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at improving online visibility and delivering crucial marketing insights across various channels such as SEO, PPC, SMM, and more. Learn about the tool inside Semrush that’s easiest to explain to your audience and start promoting. You can earn up to $200 per sale, plus an additional $10 for every free trial your referrals sign up for. If you make more than 4 sales per quarter, you can earn even more. There are tiers; you can learn about them here.

Semrush offers a broad range of tools that cater to diverse marketing needs:

  • SEO Tools: Including keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, and local SEO tools.
  • PPC Tools: Tools for managing and optimizing pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Content Marketing: AI-powered tools for content creation and optimization.
  • Competitive Research: Insights into competitors’ strategies and performance.
  • Social Media Management (SMM): Tools to manage and analyze social media campaigns effectively.

Semrush’s affiliate program boasts competitive commissions, starting at $200 per sale. As your sales volume increases, so does your commission per sale, providing a strong incentive to scale your affiliate efforts.

Promoting Semrush is straightforward due to:

  • Broad Appeal: The tools appeal to a wide audience of marketers, SEO professionals, content creators, and businesses of all sizes.
  • Clear Benefits: Each tool directly addresses common marketing challenges, making it easy to communicate their value.
  • Educational Support: Semrush offers comprehensive educational materials and onboarding support, ensuring affiliates are well-equipped to promote their products effectively.

Additional benefits include:

  • Incentives: Quarterly bonuses and higher commissions for new affiliate milestones encourage ongoing engagement and growth.
  • Support and Recognition: Dedicated account managers, personalized creatives, and reports enhance affiliates’ ability to attract and convert leads.
  • Trial Offers: Generous trial periods and co-branded landing pages make it easier for potential customers to experience Semrush, boosting conversion rates.

Joining Semrush’s affiliate program not only offers lucrative commissions but also provides the tools and support needed to succeed in promoting their comprehensive marketing solutions. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking to expand your portfolio, Semrush provides a robust platform and generous rewards to help you achieve your goals. Join here!

6. Notion

  • Cookies: 90 days
  • Commission: 50% recurring commissions for 12 months

Now, this one might be a tough sell, but if someone in your audience has a big team, this is the tool for them.

Notion is the ultimate all-in-one tool for note-taking, project management, and collaborative workspaces. It simplifies workflows by allowing users to create custom pages with to-do lists, Kanban boards, notes, and more—all in one place.

Promoting Notion is straightforward because it solves a common problem: the need to use multiple apps for different tasks. Its AI-powered features like automatic meeting note summaries, copy generation, and multi-language translation make it stand out in the productivity space.

Notion’s affiliate program offers a compelling opportunity:

  • Earn 50% recurring commissions for 12 months on new Plus, Business, or AI plan sales.
  • Benefit from a 90-day cookie window for credited sales.
  • Payments are easy with options like PayPal or Stripe.

With its global appeal and robust features, promoting Notion can be both rewarding and straightforward for affiliate marketers. Join Notion’s affiliate program today and start earning from a tool that users love for its versatility and productivity enhancements! Join here!

Final Thoughts

There are tons of AI tools out there, but not every affiliate program is great. However, these six tools I covered in this article are truly exceptional—they’re easy to promote and offer more than decent commissions.

Apply and start promoting them to see how things go. You can be sure you’re endorsing genuinely helpful tools to your loyal audience that will assist them in running their online business effectively.

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