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Why do I do this?

Like most people who are interested in affiliate marketing and earning a passive income, I dream of having the flexibility to do what I want, when I want (this usually involves playing golf).

I want what many parents do… More time with my family and children and less time working the 9-5 lifestyle. So, I set out to build an online business that could earn me the same salary I was on at the time I started this affiliate marketing pipe dream (£1,800)

Well, a few years later, little did I know that I actually had a talent for finding low competition keywords and writing content topics that could get organic traffic to my sites fast. Well, faster than the average newbie niche website owner anyway.

Within 24 months of learning to grow passive incomes, I was earning three times my old salary and only working the days and hours I wanted to.

Now, don’t get me wrong it was a tough 24 months. I worked night and day, sometimes until I almost fell asleep at my computer.

But I was honest, open, and set realistic goals for myself.  I wasn’t fooling anyone, especially myself. But I kept on learning and growing each day until I got the return I wanted.

In fact, I smashed my goals.

I am now helping other people achieve their dreams and goals by making money online through their websites, blogs, and YouTube channels.

Hopefully, I can help you!

carl broadbent brand

Some other Facts about me!

I have helped over 178 people set up new websites and find keywords to help them gain organic traffic.

I have a small portfolio of websites and other affiliate programs that earns over $11000+ each month.

I build and flip websites to the public (I build, rank, and then sell websites). So, You could own a website I personally researched and built.

I had 1-2-1 coaching from some of the best bloggers and affiliate marketers like Ricky and Jim from Income School at my home where I learned a lot of my skills.

I have a mega website in the making. My target is 1 million visitors a month within 4 years.

I have three children and an amazingly supportive wife.

I playoff scratch at golf (Pro Standard)

OKAY, One of the above statements is false… Can you tell which one?

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