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seo tips video

SEO Top Tips Part 1

Here's some of the best SEO tips I recently learned after speaking to some of the worlds best publishers

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catch up video

Catch Up Video ( March 2022 )

So much has been going on for me this past month.

Both Online and offline that I thought it would be easier to do a roundup video covering some of the important parts.

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check the history of an aged domain

How to check if an aged domain has a good history?

Here is a very quick guide to help you check the past history of aged domains and how to avoid buying one that has been penalized by Google

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income school

Chat Up Catch with Ricky from Income School

I finally get to catch up with Ricky from Income School 2.5 years after they came to my home here in the UK. It's great to see how far they and I have come in the last few years

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blog income report jan 2022

Blogging Income Report Jan 2022

Here's my blogging income report for January 2022. I also talk about indexing issues and tips for growing your blog. I also cover all my expenses for this month.

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hands off publishing review

Hands Off Publishing - Full Review

Here we go with another content agency review. Well, that is the business we’re in so I suppose there’s never enough content you can buy or try. I’ll be reviewing a content agency called Hands Off Publishing founded out of the UK (where I’m from) and walking you through my experience with them. Before I […]

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Income Report Dec 2021

Income Report Dec 2021

Wow, 2021 went past in a flash. So, how did I do for the month of Dec 2021? Spoiler $11'000+ If you'd like to see a full breakdown of my income and expenses in the month of Dec you can watch my video report below. I also talk about the entire year and show you […]

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Tips for websites

9 Things that DIDN'T work on my website in 2021

Over the past 12 months I have done lots and lots of testing and working on my website. As I look back over the past year I can see many things that worked but also many that didn't. ​You know me.... I like to share everything with you guys to hopefully help you make an […]

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blogging income reports oct 2021

Blogging Income Report Oct 2021

In this video, I share with you my full P&L from Oct 2021 I breakdown all the income and outgoings that help me grow my business each month. This month's total income was just short of $11000 but I spent over $8000 mainly on one website. Take a look at the video and all will […]

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Blog Income Report

Blog Income Report Sept 2021 $12000+

Here is a breakdown of my blog income for Sept 2021 In this video, I show you what's needed to start making money online and help you understand the time and financial commitment needed to build a successful affiliate website. See how much money a niche website earns and how much time and investment is […]

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aged domains vs expired

Aged Domain VS Expired Domain - What's the difference?

One of the most important things about your website and your online presence as a brand is your domain. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to start using a new domain from scratch – you’re automatically relegated to the bottom of SEO ranks. This is why many businesses turn to aged and expired domains. Aged and expired […]

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key stats for 2021

Key 2021 stats that every online business owner needs to know

After the upheavals of 2020, it seems that all eyes are on the opportunities the internet can provide for building businesses and generating income. Indeed, 2020 was the year that I kicked off my YouTube channel. In just 12 months my two channels have seen amazing growth and enabled me to build an authentic encouraging […]

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clean up your email list

How to clean up your email list and improve deliverability

I hope you have hot soapy water and a sponge to hand because right now we are going to take a look at how to clean up your email list.  Think about it, you probably have done an excellent job of getting your first 5000 subscribers and now you have a long list that is […]

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how to avoid emails going to spam

How to avoid emails going to spam

Let's talk about how to avoid emails going to spam. For those of you who are steadily growing an email subscriber list and running campaigns, you'll know that it's hard to avoid some of the emails you send ending up in someone's junk mail folder, despite the opt-in from the recipient.  If you are anything […]

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Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme

Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

I've decided to write this article because a lot of people are reaching out to me through the site or on social media to ask “is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?”, and I think it's worth putting an answer out there with my thoughts on the legitimacy of affiliate marketing. If you are considering taking […]

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affiliate marketing vs MLM

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM: What's the difference?

When you are looking to establish a side hustle or passive income stream the options for doing so can seem endless, and a little bit confusing. It can be really hard to know where to sink your time and money in the hope of a decent return. I get a lot of people reaching out […]

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blogging income report july 2021

Blogging Income Report July 2021

Here is a full breakdown of my blogging income report for July 2021. In this video, I show you all my income and even share my P&L which includes my YouTube revenue, Website earnings, and affiliate income. Let's see how much I made online and what expenses I paid out.

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report stolen blog content

How do I report stolen content to Google?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes copied content is just downright theft! The last thing a website that you have worked hard to make authoritative and engaging needs, is to find its content has been duplicated elsewhere. Yet some unscrupulous individuals, spammers, and scraper bots will think nothing of stealing […]

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email open rate

What is a good open rate for email campaigns?

We're going to take a look at what a good opening rate for email should be.  Email marketing has emerged as a highly effective way of driving traffic to your site and engaging and selling to an online audience. Despite being around for donkey's years, this form of direct marketing is only now getting the […]

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headline generators tools

10 Amazing Headline Generator Tools

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck with dense writer's block when it comes to getting your content production underway. If you are anything like me you will start with the headline or title and let the rest of the content flow from there.  But… After years of blogging, I still find myself stuck […]

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Ezoic Title Tag Tester

Ezoic Title Tag Tester - Improve your CTR

If you are familiar with my YouTube channel, you'll know that I am always looking for ways to help my content climb the SERPs and become more clickable. Looking for ways to improve your ranking and click-through rate all tie into the bottom line of making the content you have invested in more profitable, which […]

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What is content cannibalization

What is content cannibalization?

In this article, I thought we'd take a look at an issue that is incredibly easy to miss in many underperforming websites. I recently mentioned it in this video on my new YouTube channel If your niche website has been around for a while with some pretty decent content yet you find yourself in first […]

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email vs social

Email list vs Social media Groups

I've found that if you want to increase the momentum of your affiliate marketing, you have to be ready to promote your content outside of your websites. It's a sure-fire way of consolidating the traffic you drive to your site and keeping your audience engaged. Two of the most reliable ways of doing this are […]

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Introducing POPCORN - Our Own WordPress theme!

As you're reading this you'll have to imagine the drumroll or that horn WP Eagle always honks… The Eagle has landed! Well, actually it's more like our new WP theme has landed. And I'm delighted to share with you the exciting news that I, in collaboration with Alex at WP Eagle and of Phil of […]

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carl broadbent

Looking for negativity to grow your online business

Carl, don't be so negative! If you haven't watched my YouTube video "Looking for negativity to grow your online business" you may be wondering why this post seems like I'm on a real downer. But really, I've been taking stock of my position with my projects and I thought it would be wise to tackle […]

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link cloacking

What is link cloaking? ( Should you do it )

In some ways, this article feels like stepping into the back alleys and murky depths of the affiliate marketing industry. After all, the term link cloaking sounds a little bit shifty and clandestine. But if you are serious about affiliate marketing, link cloaking or masking is something you may have to do. And as with […]

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closing down a website

What to do if you abandon a website?

Knowing how to abandon a website is useful knowledge for the online entrepreneur So much of being a full-time blogger or affiliate marketer is, to be honest, a bit of an experiment. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself continually researching keywords and speculatively trawling domains, and if the opportunity seems viable, […]

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how to write a blog post

How to write a blog in a niche you don’t know

It's great to find a niche that has real potential for success, but if you know nothing about it, you've got your work cut out for you.  If you are on the journey to building a passive income through thriving online affiliate marketing websites, you'll know that step one of a million is to find […]

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amazon links in emails

Can you put Amazon affiliate product links in emails?

Are you wondering if you can put Amazon affiliate product links in emails? If you are an Amazon Associates Program participant who is looking for a way of expanding your reach and boosting revenues, putting affiliate product links into your emails is probably a big temptation.  After all, it would be too simple! More and […]

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what happens to my website if i die

What will happen to my website and income if I die?

When you are working hard on your online labour of love, the last thing that is going to be on your mind is what will happen to your websites and income when you die? You know, I'm wading out there with this article but as online entrepreneurs with growing ventures, I think it is really […]

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What is content spinning? (Is it legal)

Content spinning is an important topic for anyone who authors, purchases, or publishes blog posts, articles or other web content online as it can have real implications for the performance of your website.  Knowing what content spinning is and how to recognize spun content can make all the difference, to keeping you on the right […]

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f.a.q. schema mark-up

What is FAQ Schema Markup?

Using the FAQ Schema markup is revolutionizing my approach to optimizing my content! I've recently been hard at work on a website that I am no longer adding new content to. My efforts are now solely focused on making the existing content perform optimally so I can get the ROI I expect from even the […]

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Updating old content

My worst performing articles! Updating old content

My search for my worst performing articles - and what you can do about yours. This article is to show you that everyone has bad or poor-performing content. No matter how successful you are, you'll have some content that just does not do very well. I thought it would be worthwhile to plumb the depths […]

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PassionPosts: The only review you’ll need to read!

Finding the right content writing service to use for your website can be a bit like wading through a swamp. There are just so many companies out there and it's impossible to know which ones are good and it can feel like buying an article is more of a gamble than a legitimate business transaction.  […]

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affiliate marketing

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website

Disclaimer: This article was written by It was a test to see how good their content-providing service is. Have a read and see what you think. See prices here! Use this code for 10% off your first order: 8JVC7X7ZRM The affiliate marketing industry in the USA topped almost $7 billion in 2020. Hence, many […]

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blog about yourself

How to write a blog about yourself ( Best Niche Ever )

If you're stumped for what to write your blog about, have you considered writing a blog about yourself? The life of a blogger is an enviable one, with flexibility, creativity and the potential for a great income. Experienced bloggers always advise that you should just start writing, but for some of us, hitting the keyboard […]

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passive income

Why is Passive Income such a swear word?

In these uncertain times, the idea of generating an income with minimal ongoing effort is a popular aspiration. I'm sure if you type "passive income'' into Google you will be inundated with articles, tutorials, schemes, and financial products that sell the dream of a non-work or early retirement type of lifestyle.  But passive income is […]

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Is being an online Entrepreneur worth it

Is being an online Entrepreneur worth it?

After reading your favorite lifestyle blogs, trawling social media posts, scoping YouTube videos on passive income, and pouring over income reports, you may be wondering “is being an online entrepreneur worth it”? The optics of online entrepreneurism tend to focus on the riches and rewards that can be gained for founding or operating a digital […]

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What’s up with SEO Minion?

There's a mind-boggling array of SEO plugins and extensions for bloggers and online marketers many complete with an eye-watering subscription fee. You will either be relieved or very frustrated to know that there is an SEO tool that will take care of your on-page SEO, broken links, SERP preview, Hreflang, and more. All in a […]

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will ai take over writers in 10 yaers time

Will Ai Replace Human Writers In 10 Years Time?

This is a bit of a philosophical post today, but I thought it would be interesting to think about whether automated content production will replace human writers sooner than we think.  Given the rapid development and increase in the prevalence of AI Natural Language Generation (NLG) and diverse algorithms that span almost every writing format, […]

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can ai write stories

Can ai software write stories? (Artificial intelligence blog writing)

The pace at which Artificial Intelligence writing software has developed is simply mind-blowing! Believe it or not, we are now at the stage where artificial intelligence (AI) software is capable of writing stories! Using machine learning and experimental algorithms, creative coders have been able to develop programs that are capable of producing short stories, poetry […]

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ai writing tools and software

Top 10 AI writing tools and software

If you haven't heard, the Artificial Intelligence writing revolution is here! Excited? I am. I have been following the progression in content automation for a while as I think it has real potential to help people like you and me build and maintain profitable online businesses. The concept of a bot writing articles for you […]

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Building Niche Websites for Long-Term Passive Income

Building Niche Websites for Long-Term Passive Income

This article has been written and submitted by my good friend and well-respected affiliate marketer Mushfiq. His experience from buying and selling over (175+) websites is simply unbeatable. Enjoy the article! Building websites from scratch for the big sale, or buying, improving, and flipping websites for profit are both strategies I’m a big fan of. […]

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What is the difference between a landing page and a website?

Are you website-free but looking for a smart way of presenting your brand online? If the answer is “yes”, you could really benefit from using landing pages as part of your strategy. I’ve found that these stand-alone, non-website pages (complete with URL) really help me take a more focused and targeted approach to engage my website […]

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5 mail marketing providers under $30

5 Email marketing tools under $30 a month

Finding an Email Service Provider for under $30 per month needn't be a hassle! More and more affiliate marketers are switching on to the potency of email as a means of generating revenues and strengthening audience engagement.  After all, it is one of the few areas among the constant upheavals of affiliate marketing where you […]

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how do bloggers make their money

How do bloggers make their money?

I thought it would be worth taking a look at how bloggers receive their money Blogging can prove to be a satisfying way of generating a decent income, but in many ways, the rulebook for this way of working is still being written, making it hard to know the way to proceed. For most entrepreneurial […]

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convertkit landing page

Do you need a website to create a landing page?

A surprisingly common question I am encountering increasingly, is if you need a website to create a landing page? Actually, you don’t need a website to create landing pages! You can use an email software provider like ConvertKit to create an authentic landing page, complete with a URL without a website. It will look like […]

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content providers

Blog Content Providers - 7 Tested by Myself

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll know that content writing is the lifeblood of your operation. If you're anything like me, you will know that in the beginning, I struggled to find good writers who can meet the mark consistently across all my niches. Getting the right type of content for your site, especially if you […]

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blogging content

Where do bloggers get their content from?

When you're just starting an affiliate website, I am sure you'll agree that content is key (or king, as many people say). And not just any old content, but articles, pages, and posts that are clearly written, concise, engaging and are not 5000 words long that could, and often should, be much shorter. The type […]

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how to get 5000 email subscribers

How to get your first 5000 email subscribers

We're going to take a look at how you can go from zero to 5,000 email subscribers and climbing! And before you say it - no, email marketing is certainly not dead. Far from it! I'm going to show you why you have been underestimating email subscribers as a means of growing your site's traffic […]

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buyselltext content review

Buyselltext Review - My experience using BST

If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know I have a lot of niche sites. In fact, that’s the bread and butter of my business. A question that keeps popping up for me though is how do I source all the content those niche sites demand? Do I write it myself? Do I outsource? […]

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amazon affiliate program

7 Pros and Cons of the Amazon Associates Program

Affiliate marketing can offer almost instant online income opportunities, provided you connect with the right platform and promote the right products. And while there are almost unlimited options out there when it comes to affiliate and associate programs, none are quite as well known (or as well-regarded) as the Amazon Associates Program. Below we highlight […]

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When to sell a website

When Should You Sell a Website?

Knowing when it’s the perfect time to sell your website is never as cut and dried as we’d hope. Most of us have dreams of getting an offer almost too good to be true, an offer that would be impossible for us to turn down for the websites that we have built – an offer […]

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google web stories

Google Web Stories ( Part 1 ) What are they?

Web Stories are a new way to tell stories on the internet. These "Stories" blend video, audio, images, animation, and text together to create an immersive experience for viewers. The reader can explore them at your own pace by tapping through or swiping from one piece of content to another! You'll find Web Stories in […]

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income report march 2021

Income Report for March 2021 - $8018 Passive Income

Here is my blogging income report ( Affiliate marketing ) it really should be called as a lot of my income comes from many places now not just my websites. I hope by providing these very detailed income reports you can see what you'll need to do to make similar amounts and how much time […]

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giveaway website reveal

Giveaway Website Revealed -

So, after 4 months of building and setting up the giveaway website, I thought it was about time to share the site with you all. It is after all a public case study and I wanted to share the processes and data with you all. I was a little concerned that someone would copy the […]

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🤯 This AI Tool Writes Mind-Blowing Marketing Copy So, what is and what's all the hype about? It's a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to generate winning marketing copy - on demand - in under 30 seconds. Now you can stop sweating bullets over trying to figure out what to write and […]

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how to build a website

How I'm building my websites ( The right way? )

When I first started building websites. I simply purchased some hosting and a theme. Added some content to the site and then opened a Facebook account. I might then have posted a few images and a couple of videos to that Facebook account and then got bored and stopped doing it. I thought, that this […]

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21 Blogging Tips for 2021

I have learned so much in the past year. So, much so that I thought I would share some of my Best Blogging tips that might help you grow your online business or make more money in 2021. If you're starting a new blog in 2021 then you might find my blogging tips for 2021 […]

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blogging income reports

Blogging Income Reports Feb 2021

We are halfway through Q1 2021 and I'm pleased to say, it was another awesome month. January and February are notoriously slow months depending on your niche. But still, I managed to pull in just short of $6000. There were website purchases, Bog spends on content, and lots of excitement building up for Q2 and […]

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nitropack review

Is NitroPack Worth it? We Put it to the Test!

In the world of Search Engine Optimization and Google Page Ranking, website owners wanting to increase their visibility and decrease bounce rates, can no longer afford to have their web content load and display at sub-optimal speeds. There are a number of options, both free and paid, that are available on the market these days. […]

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income report

Income report Jan 2021

For the first time in over 12 months I report a negative income report. However, it's not anything to be worried about. I have simply invested back into my business. I still earned over $6500+ through January which is one of the hardest months for bloggers and affiliate marketers due to ad spend being very […]

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alex video wpeagle

I'm featured in a video!

WOW, This 4 hour completed tutorial not only blew me away with the detail and step by step instructions. It was also a big shock when I found out I had been featured in the first three minutes. It reminded me of the journey I have taken over the past few years and actually how […]

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website giveaway

Video 4 - Website Giveaway

In this video, We'll look at content and in particular the type and style of content that I feel will work well within this niche. I also ask for your help to answer a question and suggestion a viewer gave to me. Check the video out. You'll understand more after watching it. I still think […]

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Website Giveaway - Video 3

This is video no 3 in my website giveaway series. In this video we will take a look at the actual site and the theme built using Oxygen Builder Plugs. You will also get a sneak preview of my new Logo. You can also see my new desk and filming setup. Including my new monitor […]

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domain name hunting

Video No2 - Domain Name Hunting

The end of week 1 of the Website Case Study Giveaway and I feel we're getting some traction going now. We found the niche in Video No1 and in this video (n No2 ) we searched for a suitable domain name to use. I don't usually worry about domain names and I don't feel they […]

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income report dec

Income Report for Dec 2020

Here is my latest income report with all my affiliate income included. I have a diversified income to protect myself from things like Traffic loss on a website. So, it would be very difficult for me to list every item and every source of income in this video ( Not too mention boring for you […]

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picking a winner

The votes are in. We have a winner!

For the last few days you have all been voting to choose a Niche to build our Website Case Study Giveaway site around. The options were.... Wedding Planning Garden Wildlife & Ponds Hacks ( Wildcard Option ) Gardening for kids Gap Year Travel And the winner is...... You'll have to watch the video 😂

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niche hunting

Video No1 - Niche Hunting

So, We have lift off! The 12-month Public website case study, which I will be building, and then giving away has just started. I have published the first video in the series so you can follow the journey of building a successful ( Hopefully ) niche website then see my give it away to one […]

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Hacked facebook account

I got HACKED - Should I stop YouTube?

I woke up on December the 30th 2020 full of excitement as I was about to start filming some HAPPY new year messages and videos. Only to find my Facebook account had been hacked. Arrrrrrgh! Not what i wanted to deal with before we celebrate New Years Eve. Well, that finally finished off ( covid […]

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i quit my full time job

I Finally QUIT my Job to blog full-time

After starting Affiliate Marketing nearly 3 Years ago. I have finally handed in my notice at work to quit my HIGH paying corporate job in a large supermarket chain. I could have quit many months ago, but due to covid and colleagues ( including myself and my family ) being taken ill with this dreadful […]

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How I grew my site to over $100k in 19 months

In this video, I explain how I have managed to grow a simple pet website to where it's worth over $100k in less than 19 months and just by using content and organic traffic. The site makes over $3500 a month from ads and affiliate commissions. So, multiply that by 31 which is an average […]

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taking back control from google

Taking Back Control from Google

Over the past 3 years I have seen some positive changes to the world of blogging but over the past 6 months some really terrible changes. Google Core updates that just totally tanked some sites Amazon commission rate cuts Indexed and ranking articles totally disappear or de-index for no apparent reason. So, I have decided […]

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Fishkeeping Wars - I go head to head with Income School

Some of you may know that back in 2019 Income school came to my home and helped me setup and build one of my biggest websites in the fishkeeping Niche. Now, Income school has purchased their own fishkeeping website. A failing site that they plan to recover and turn into a successful website. See my […]

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How to write posts cheaper!

Learn how to publish posts cheaper and faster! We all know that content is king. Without it we cannot get organic traffic which is the lifeblood of any website. I share with you my thoughts and processes of finding keywords and topics for you to write about and then how to order content from BuySellText.

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My Plans for a MEGA Website

Take a look at my ambishush plans to build a Mega website. A website that is far away from my niched down affiliate websites. But will it work? Who knows but it's safe to say I'm giving it one hell of a go. See my 4 year predictions and financial outlay and expected return or […]

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blogging tips

7 Tips To Help Bloggers Write Faster

Times money, Or so somebody once said. So, I thought I would share some of my tips to help you create amazing blog posts faster. I share some of my blogging tips that will help you create content faster and easier. A less stressful way to produce great blogs that will rank faster and bring […]

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Amalink Pro Tutorial

This is a nice little tutorial from Pro Blogger Income on YouTube ( Josh ) who is a friend and a fellow YouTuber. He also works for their technical support. So he knows his stuff! To see the latest price for Amalink Pro a great tool to add Amazon products, Comparrison tables and Images whilst […]

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How much money do bloggers really make? An HONEST breakdown of my earnings

We talk an honest look at the amount of money that is left over after expenses and reinvesting back into content. How much do you think is left out of $4300?

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