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Travel Website Income Report (July 2023) ✈️




Travel website income report

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Welcome back to another travel website income report!

In this report, I’ll be sharing the income I’ve earned for July 2023 on my travel website. This is a public case study that I’ve been doing on YouTube and on this website.

I’ll be sharing all the income we’ve earned, the money we’ve spent, and all the exciting new processes we’ve been testing to grow the website.

I’ll share everything with you in as much detail as possible.

We’ve been working really hard on a new system of creating listicle articles using images from social media.

We have found a way of creating some really original pieces of content using other people’s images – all legal and above board – without the fear of copyright or having a takedown notice.

These articles rank really well on Google, and we hit the number one position on Google in SERPs for a keyword within 24 hours of publishing.

Read on or Watch the Video version here

Background History

The domain for my travel website is three and a half years old, but I purchased it about 14 months ago. I have been working on the website solidly for about nine or ten months, heavily focusing on building out content on the site.

We have been publishing a lot of articles on the website, with 760 articles published over a 9 to 12-month period. The majority of the words written (99.9%) are human-written content.

We have been using koala AI and ChatGPT to give us some first draft copies and come up with some ideas for things like listicles, charts, bullet points, and FAQs.

However, the majority of the words written are human-written content.

We have been using the popcorn theme, which is a theme that I’m helping to develop along with my business partners, and we’re really working hard on this theme to bring the best theme for bloggers.

Team Updates

There has been no change to the team at all. However, we have been working really closely this week on a process.

This is a new process that I’ll touch on in more detail as we go on in this presentation, but yeah, it’s a process that I’ve learned from somebody on Twitter, and we’ve been working as a team to see if we can make this process work.

We’ve all really come together, and we’re all trying to find a way of making this new system of writing blog posts really work for us.

So, it’s been lovely to see that the team has kind of bonded and pulled together, and we’re all trying to work for the greater good of this website.

As the website grows and earns more income, all my team and myself will also earn more money from the website.

So, it’s key that we all work together to make it a success.

It’s a process of creating listicle articles using images from social media.

Now, you have to be very careful about what images you use, and we have found a way of creating some really original pieces of content using other people’s images legally and above board without the fear of copyright or receiving a takedown notice.

We’re currently working on the process to develop a procedure for us all to follow. I am not going to share too much detail on it because, I don’t want to share anything I’ve not fully tested.

I only want to tell you about things that work or that you should totally avoid. But while we’re in the testing process, there’s no point in me giving you any information on that right now.

Progress This Month

In July 2023, we made significant progress in growing our travel website. We published 760 articles on the website, with 99.9% of the content being human written. We also ordered another 38 articles, which our writers are currently working on.

Our organic search is steadily climbing each month, with Pinterest organic search reaching over 200 searches per month and climbing fast.

We have been pinning three pins per day on a rolling process, with one unique URL producing four Pinterest pins each with a different title, description, and image, but all pointing to the same URL in a seven-day gap per pin.

Our Google traffic has been steadily increasing, with 61,400 page views in July, which is the best month by far.

Overall, July 2023 was a successful month for our travel website, and we look forward to continuing to grow and improve our website in the coming months.

The Theme Used

The theme of choice for my travel website is the Popcorn theme. This theme is being developed by myself and my business partners, and we are working hard to bring the best theme for bloggers.

The Popcorn theme comes packed with cool features that you don’t need to pay for, and you can use it on as many websites as you want for life.

We are constantly working on developing this theme further, and there are some big developments happening in it. I highly suggest getting the Popcorn theme now, as there are lots of features coming soon.

Currently, you can still grab a 10% off code by using my code Carl10 at the checkout.

We are also rolling out a service where we will do the work of swapping out the theme on your website for you.

This can be a daunting process, and we understand that many people are worried about doing it themselves.

Our service will do all the hard work for you for a very small fee. Keep an eye out for this service coming soon.

Overall, the Popcorn theme is a great choice for bloggers, and we are excited to see how it will continue to evolve and improve in the future.

Views and Watch Time on YouTube

In the month of July, we published a total of 10 short videos and 4 full-length videos on our YouTube channel.

We were able to gain 72 new subscribers, which is a 42% increase, and our views increased by 78%, reaching a total of 19,000 views.

Our watch time also increased by 105%, totaling 686.4 hours of watch time in July.

While we do like to produce more long-form videos, we had a bit of a break in July due to vacations. However, we plan to improve in the coming months and produce around 10 full-length videos per month in August.

TikTok Progress

On TikTok, we are getting a few more likes, but it is moving very slowly. We have been using original footage and getting a few more likes, but nothing has really taken off, and nothing has definitely gone viral.

We got 2,293 likes in total, which was 382 more likes in the month of July. Followers increased by 35 to a total of 144, but it is very slow and not doing as well as I expected, especially as the travel niche is very popular on that platform.

I thought we would have done much better.

We will continue to work on our publishing strategy, creating engaging content and using popular hashtags to reach a wider audience.

We will also analyze the performance of our videos and make adjustments as necessary to improve our reach and engagement. While TikTok may not be our primary focus, we believe it is important to have a presence on all social media platforms to reach as many potential visitors as possible.

Traffic Report

In the month of July 2023, our website received a total of 61,400 page views, which was a significant increase of 23.51% from the previous month.

The number of sessions also increased by 21% to nearly 46,000 sessions. It’s great to see that our organic growth is steady and climbing each month.

Overall, we are pleased with the increase in traffic to our website and will continue to work hard to improve our SEO and content quality to attract even more visitors.

Here is my GSC graph

google search console graph travel website

Here is my traffic VS last month

Earnings Report

In July 2023, my travel website saw a significant increase in earnings.

From Ezoic, we earned $417.78, with a premium charge of $35.79, resulting in actual earnings of $381.99.

However, the EPMV was poor at just $7.89 per thousand visitors to the website, which was lower than expected for the travel niche.

Watch the video for more details.

Key Takeaways

  • We’ve been working on a new process of creating listicle articles using images from social media that rank well on Google.
  • Our organic traffic is steadily increasing each month, even though we published less content in July than we had previously.
  • Our earnings from Ezoic came out at $381.99, and our EPMV is poor at just $7.89 per thousand visitors to the website.

Affiliate Earnings

Moving on to our affiliate earnings, we have seen a significant increase in revenue this month.


$381.99 EZOIC

$229.96 Affiliate Commissions

Total : $611.95


$1,288 Written Content

$212 Video Content

$329 VA

$34 Images

$32 Apps Mediavine Social Share

$10 Hosting

Total $1905.00

So, the total loss for the month was $1,293.05 or should I say total investment?

Plans for Next Month

As we move into August, we have some exciting plans for the website. Firstly, we will be continuing to focus on our new procedure of creating listicle articles using images from social media.

We have seen great success with this so far, and we want to continue to test and refine this process to see if we can replicate these results consistently.

In addition, we will be working on expanding our presence on TikTok. While our progress on this platform has been slow, we believe that there is a lot of potential for growth in the travel niche.

We will be experimenting with new types of content and strategies to see if we can increase our engagement and reach on the platform.

Finally, we will be continuing to publish high-quality content on the website and expand our offerings to our readers. We have some exciting new topics and destinations that we will be covering, and we are confident that our readers will find these articles informative and engaging.

Overall, we are excited about the direction that the website is heading in, and we believe that these plans will help us to continue to grow and succeed in the coming months.


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Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

As a team we have worked well together, and I feel like we are all on the same page.

My VA’s have been amazing and have gone above and beyond what their roles and pay levels are.

But they know that if the site succeeds, they will also reap the rewards.

So, it’s in all our interests to make it work.

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