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Website Income Report March 2023




income report

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This is my income report for my website case study in the travel niche that I started at the back end of 2022 and sharing on YouTube, in my email and here on my website.

Although I often mention my backup website also in the travel niche, I do not share my other sites and affiliate income from Carl Broadbent. Also, not included is the income from Popcorntheme and Affiliate Gathering event.

I have presented the results in a PDF to make it easier for you to read.

Let me know if you like this way of sharing all the information.

This written report is sponsored by Ezoic who I have been working very closely with over the past 24 months. They are still one of the best companies to get a new website monetized with display ads.

I have also in the past year moved some of my bigger websites over to them and seen great results

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Final Thoughts and Plans for next month

So, it’s clear to see that traffic is on the up after spending another $4000 in March.

I need to focus on ROI for the next 3 months. What money and time can I spend in the right place to get the best return?

Is this Pinterest, YouTube or continue with written content.? I need to study the data and see which platform cost the least amount of money and fewer man hours for the biggest return.

I’ll keep you posted on which is best.

Also, to clear up some points… This site is still 100% human written content. I do have Koala.ai and I am testing it for various things like content outlines, Meta descriptions, Listicles, keyword research but not for long-form blogs.

If you’d like to test the tool out for yourself you can still grab a 5000 words of free credit using my affiliate link here.

Video is something i really love and we are trying hard to grow a new YouTube channel for this site and within 4 weeks we have really seen what works and what doesn’t.

Videos like 10 Best Places to xxxx just don’t work as good as they used to. People want stories and to be entertained on YouTube these days.

So, we are trying to write some scripts ( Using my content writers ) to come up with some awesome YouTube content. Again, I will share my results with you all when i have some good data to share.

Apart from that, we are still going to add about 100 articles across this website and the backup site.

My time will now be taken up with the running of Affiliate Gathering this month as the 19th of May is creeping up on my fast!

There’s still time to grab your tickets here.

Here is the video..

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