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This membership group and course gives you a clear pathway to earn recurring commissions by reviewing Amazon products through easy to make short-form videos.

No need for SEO, paid ads, website building, cold calling, brand creation, product development, shipping, or customer interactions. Streamline your path to passive income!

Let’s grow your audience and monetize your efforts together

I turn beginners into pros by sharing proven methods that I myself use. To begin, subscribe below to the All-Access Pass!

The All-Access Pass includes a FREE course about becoming an Amazon Influencer. With a step-by-step supportive curriculum.

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The Side Hustle Insider is a Membership and community to help you every step of the way in your Amazon Influencer journey and other fantastic income strategies. It’s completely mobile or desktop friendly, wherever you are, you’ll have access!

“What do I need to do?”


Once approved you simply film 1-2 minute video review of Amazon products. The skill is knowing which products and how to film them correctly. I teach you all that inside the free course within the membership group.


Viewers on Amazon will watch your videos, and you will earn commissions from their purchases.

Amazon Influencer course


“Okay… Tell me what’s the catch?”


“How do I get started?”

We’ve designed this course and community to help you hit the ground running. Every step of the way, our course and community will be there to support you!

Start your journey today by joining the Side Hustle Insider Community. Let’s start earning together as soon as possible!

Here’s an overview of the just a few of the 36 course modules:

Influencer Storefront
  • Apply for the Influencer Program
  • Storefront Overview
$100/Day with Influencer Program
  • Incredible Opportunity
  • Prerequisites for Approval
  • $100/Day Overview
  • On-Site Review
  • Typical Video
  • Frugal Growth Strategy
  • Fast Growth Strategy
  • Growth Timeline
  • $100/Day Roadmap
Your First Review Video

Record your First Video, what to say and what not to show

Most Important Tips for Videos
  • On-Site Positioning
  • Content Display
  • Verbal Presentation
  • Choosing Products
  • Approval Procedure
Creating Profitable Videos
  • Characteristics of a Quality Review Video
  • Video Categories to Produce
  • Income Criteria
  • Recording Equipment
  • Phone Recording Tips
  • Thumbnail Design & Titles
  • Uploading and Tagging
  • How to repurpose your content
Product Selection
  • Product Standards
  • Reviewing Items Already in Possession
  • Fundamental Product Investigation
  • Advanced Product Exploration
  • Acquiring Free Products
  • Securing Discounted Products
Understanding Stats
  • Commission Statistics
  • Video Analytics
  • How to Gain Enhanced Visibility


  • Dedicated individuals who want to make serious money with Amazon Influencing.
  • Dedicate 5-10 hours per week for 10+ product reviews.
  • Provide helpful, genuine reviews for informed buying decisions.
  • Follow a repeatable workflow to discover profitable, low-competition products.
  • Aim to grow income to over $100/day within a few months.
  • Have a following on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, or be an approved Amazon Influencer.
  • People who want to be part of a community and work as a team
  • Someone who wants to FAST TRACK their success


  • People who want to buy a course and hide away in a corner and learn slowly
  • Seeking exploitative tactics without providing value
  • Interested in automating or outsourcing through content theft.
  • Willing to break rules and risk Amazon account termination.
  • People who just want to copy and not create


No website/store needed: 

As Amazon features your videos on their product pages, you gain access to their extensive existing traffic.

No expensive gear

Upon analyzing my most lucrative videos, I observed no correlation between faceless videos captured on my phone and professionally shot videos using my camera.

No Ads 

You won’t incur additional costs for advertising to drive traffic; instead, leverage Amazon’s pre-existing visitor base to maximize your reach.

Profitable Products 

Learn the art of identifying products with substantial commission potential and minimal competition among influencers.


Learn how to get free products to review and get paid from dozens of sellers and agents, all in line with Amazon and FTC guidelines.

No Up-Front Investment 

Review items from your home, and I’ll guide you on prioritizing products for maximum commissions. No obligation to purchase products if you prefer not to.

Advanced Tactics 

Acquire my advanced product selection criteria to optimize each review without resorting to scams or manipulating the system.

Discount Products

Discover various methods to locate hundreds of Amazon products without paying retail prices. Saving on product purchases enhances your overall profitability.


Earn money from home on your own flexible schedule. Your videos continue to generate income, even when you’re not actively working.

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Learn to identify best-selling products with high customer ratings and minimal influencer video competition. Create videos on these products to earn recurring monthly incomes of $10, $30, or even $100+. Strategic product selection is key to scaling to $100/day in just a few months. I’ll guide you on finding a mix of products at full retail price, discounted, free, or even free with additional payment for your video.

TIP: In the course, I’ll teach you how to analyze your competition to find good opportunities for videos, delving into analytics on my videos and commissions. You’ll see REAL LIVE product research workshops.

Here are some products with little competition and high commission potential. I’ll teach you how to consistently find such products for your reviews.

All these products off great potential for commissions to come in time and time again for many months, if not years.

That cat food one is a winner! 50’000 people buy that each week and if we could get your video on the carousel you’ll be making $100 each month from 1 tin of cat food. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Meow

Ready to Sign-up and get earning?


If I don’t have a following can I do Amazon Influencing?

The Amazon Influencer program exclusively admits individuals with established online followings. The specific acceptance criteria are not publicly disclosed. While some have resorted to buying existing social media accounts for approval, I strongly advise against this unless the purchase involves a legitimate business, not a counterfeit social media account artificially boosted with fake engagement.

However, In the course I teach you how to get an acceptable social media account that Amazon will approve.

Should I Buy this Membership if I’m not an Amazon Influencer?

The guides within this membership will assist you in applying to the Amazon Influencer program, but the remaining content becomes relevant only if you secure approval from Amazon to publish shoppable videos. Let’s tackle step 1 ( Approval process ) and then look at your pathway in more detail.

When Will I Earn $100 a Day?

To achieve a daily income of $100, there are various approaches. You might create 100 review videos earning an average of $1/day each, or produce 400 review videos earning an average of $0.25/day. The choice depends on the time commitment and investment you’re willing to make in purchasing high-earning potential products.

Can I do Faceless Videos?

In the membership, I provide in-depth analytics of my top 20 most profitable products, unveiling that there’s no correlation between faceless and face-on-camera videos! So, showing your face in videos is not a necessity. Personally, I employ a mix of both approaches.

How Much Should I Invest?

I advise against purchasing additional equipment, except for a tripod or phone holder for hands-free recording, and perhaps a light. A fancy camera is unnecessary; your phone suffices. Initially, review products you already own. Once you start earning, consider reinvesting in strategically selected high-earning potential products. My goal is to break even on purchased items within a month.

Refund Policy

If you’re not entirely satisfied with the membership contents within 7 days, simply send an email to carl@carlbroadbent.com, and I’ll promptly issue you a full refund but you will lose all access to the community and the course.

There is also a course feedback section inside the group. So, if you’re not happy with anything please leave a comment in that section and I will address it straight away.



36 Lesson Course
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36 Lesson Course
Webinars Livestreams Group Coaching Live Chat Lounge

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Everything you need to know, step-by-step Amazon Influencer Course. With secret tips and hacks to accelerate your earnings