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Google Has changes – Here’s what you should do




google sge

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WOW, Google is changing so fast that I can hardly keep up.

I watched the latest evolution yesterday from Google as they showed off their latest AI search feature called SGE.

They showed their AI search platform and how it looks and works.

A few people are scared, that’s for sure.

But, I’m not and I’ll tell you why in a moment. First, let’s look at a couple of things that also caught my eye.

No1 – AI Images

Google also announced a few days ago that they are going to mark images created using AI as FAKE !

They said….

We will embed information called a markup inside images created by its AI models that will warn people it was originally created by a computer, the company said Wednesday.

The data inside the images won’t be visible to the human eye, but software such as Google Search will be able to read it and then display a label warning users.

Google will also provide additional information about all images in its results to help prevent deception, including when the image was first uploaded to the search engine and whether it’s been cited by news sites.

For example, a recently generated image of Pope Francis in a stylish winter jacket generated on the Midjourney app went viral and fooled some people into thinking it was real.

Crazy !


No2 – Bard

Then we get onto Bard and how that will change how people search. Often, giving them the answer without the need to even visit a website.

Have you tested it yet?

If you go to your search bar as I have screenshot below. There is often ( not always a tab to test it )

Type a search and watch it give you the answer. It’s still not launched yet and have some ways to go. Mine this morning gave me the wrong answer to a search query.

Typical AI results . LOL



No3 Google new SGE

Google unveiled the Search Generative Experience (SGE) as part of the new experimental Search Labs platform yesterday and i have to say it looks pretty cool.

There will be for sure, some big winners and many losers.

If you haven’t seen it in action. Here’s a good video to watch



All very exciting stuff, and a little scary.

If you live the in US you can sign up in search labs and be one of the first people to test the new AI search features.

What you need to do!

So, I’m by no means an expert in SEO but I now have 4 years of experience and have published over 3000 articles and I know how to rank content.

So, I think that allows me to share my thoughts and what I believe you’ll need to do to excel in search in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Improve featured images – From the first looks of SGE you’ll need to start using better featured images on posts. The search results look a little bit like a YouTube search and only the best featured images will be picked and stand out.
  2. Backlinks – I know you’re going to hate hearing that. But, trustworthiness and all the signals that surround that will be so much more important going forward. With so much more content hitting the internet how is google going to judge you on E.E.A.T? One sign that has always been important is that other sites in your niche link back to you. This is a trust signal and Google is and trust me on this… going to use this more and more to help distinguish you from the rest. You can see the company i use on my website and grab yourself a discount. Resource page here.
  3. Opinions – There has never been a better time to stand out from the crowd. Google will look for strong opinions in search. Maybe you agree or disagree with something and that will make for a better read. Rather than someone who you can tell is sitting on the fence and is just trying to ride the wave for views. Stand out….have an opinion. I have also heard that Google may have separate search features for people who like or dislike something. Like pros and cons in articles.
  4. Original Source – As we saw at the top. Google will add markups to things that are not original. Like images, quotes, Tables and video. They will look for images and content that has never been seen before. If there’s an event, and the prime example is the video above from the launch of Google SGE. The first videos taken at the event by individual people and companies are top in search. They captured the moment google announced SGE and have been rewarded for doing so with millions of views.
  5. Topical Authority – I think google will go back to the old days a little and look for smaller companies and websites that have topical authority. If I’m looking for travel advice to go to Miami then I’d rather go to a website where the owner is totally focused on that region than a general website. I would trust their content more knowing they have real experience of traveling to Miami and have become an expert in that city or even live there.


So, should you be worried?

If you think you have something to offer that is unique and original then, No, you don’t have anything to worry about and as I said at the start. There will be some smaller websites that hit it big.

I have already heard some stories of low DA sites less than a year old hitting some big numbers. They have relevant, current, and trending topics that took off.

I think if you’re just spinning old information posts over and over and paying 3-4 cents per word for that content. Then you’re not going to see the returns that it used to.

We will for sure, need to put more care, effort, and time into creating amazing pieces of content.

But the wins could be huge.

I for one am going to embrace change and adapt quickly.

It’s either that, or you roll over and give in now.

And where’s the fun in that?


Good luck with your sites in 2023 and beyond


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