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Does the AMAZON INFLUENCER Program in the UK Make Money?




Does the AMAZON INFLUENCER program in the UK Make Money?

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While the current earnings from the Amazon UK program may not be on par with the US, there is a clear trajectory towards achieving or even surpassing these figures.

This growth is partly fueled by the unique testing of shoppable videos on Amazon UK, offering influencers a fresh avenue to engage with customers.

Moreover, there is low awareness of shoppable videos and the Amazon Influencer Program among UK audiences.

This untapped market provides fertile ground for influencers to increase their visibility and, consequently, their potential income.

With shoppable video carousels currently limited to a select number of products, influencers have a window of opportunity to carve out a niche before the feature becomes more widespread.

The growth in the number of carousels and the rising consumer familiarity with these videos could signal a significant upturn in influencer income from the UK storefront in the near future.

Key Takeaways

  • The UK offers growth opportunities for Amazon Influencers seeking international expansion.
  • Audience awareness and shoppable video features are key to increasing influencer income in the UK.
  • Early adoption of UK storefront strategies may yield significant long-term benefits for influencers.

Branching Out Amazon Influencer Program Internationally

While the Amazon Influencer Program in the US has been widely recognized, its expansion to the UK, Canada, and Australia presents various opportunities and challenges.

In the UK, shoppable videos are being tested on Amazon.co.uk, but they are currently available only for a limited number of products.

This means that while influencers can upload their shoppable reviews to both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, potential earnings are restricted due to the limited presence of video carousels on products.

Understanding UK Market Adaptation:

  • Shoppable video awareness is low in the UK.
  • Consumers often purchase without viewing product reviews or videos.
  • A small percentage of products feature video carousels, limiting visibility.
Video CarouselsLimited product coverage on Amazon.co.uk
Consumer AwarenessLow awareness of shoppable videos among UK customers
Potential Revenue ImpactInitial earnings limited, with potential for growth

Moreover, the UK storefront is currently the second most profitable for the program, closely followed by Canada. Australia trails behind, with much room for growth.

The program fosters confidence that once Amazon expands the carousels across more products, influencers who have proactively uploaded their content will experience a significant increase in commissions from the UK storefront, signaling promising growth potential in international markets.

For influencers looking to expand their audience and revenue streams, adapting existing content to these international platforms may become increasingly rewarding as Amazon advances its offerings and consumer awareness improves.

Canadian and Australian markets also show potential, hinting at further international expansion opportunities for proactive influencers.

Potential for Income Growth in the UK Market

Increased Adoption of Video Carousels

Amazon UK’s implementation of shoppable video carousels is in its test phase. However, these carousels present a significant opportunity for influencers to monetize their video content.

As the feature becomes more widespread across various product categories, it opens up room for increased viewer engagement and, consequentially, greater income potential.

Currently, the reach of video carousels is limited, but as Amazon continues to broaden their availability, it’s reasonable to anticipate a rise in the number of potential viewers and shoppers thereby increasing the amount of income one can generate from this platform.

  • Current Impact: Adoption of video carousels is still low.
  • Future Potential: With expansion, the feature’s presence could enhance earnings.
  • Actionable Strategy:
    • Upload shoppable video reviews consistently.
    • Align content with products that feature video carousels.

Raising Customer Click-through Rates

The present customer engagement with shoppable video reviews in the UK represents only a fraction of its potential.

Many customers are unfamiliar with these reviews and thus their impact on click-through and subsequent purchases is minimal.

Educating the public about the existence and benefits of shoppable reviews could markedly boost interaction rates.

As familiarity and visibility of these video carousels increase, influencers are likely to see a proportional rise in click-throughs, leading to a higher commission on sales.

  • Awareness: Illuminating the presence of shoppable videos is crucial.
  • Visibility: Amplified by placing videos on more products.
  • Impact:
    • Out of 100 sales, current click-through from shoppable videos may be 5-20.
    • As product carousels and awareness grow, click-throughs, and income are expected to rise.

It is noted that the UK market stands as the second most profitable Amazon storefront within the Amazon Influencer Program, trailing behind the US but leading over Canada and significantly over Australia.

This indicates a robust platform for growth once the program extends across more products in the UK. Preemptive placement of US influencer videos on UK product pages is a strategic move that could result in a surge of earnings for influencers active on the platform.

Amazon Influencer Program Storefront Performance

Comparative Revenue from Different Countries

  • United States: The Amazon Influencer Program in the U.S. remains the most profitable.
  • United Kingdom: Currently holds the second place in terms of profitability.
  • Canada: Close behind the UK in revenue generation for influencers.
  • Australia: Trails significantly in comparison with the other regions.

UK’s Position and Potential

  • Shoppable Videos: Amazon UK is testing shoppable videos, limiting visibility to certain products.
  • Public Awareness: Low awareness of shoppable videos among UK consumers reduces potential clicks and, therefore, influencer earnings.
  • Current Sales Impact:
    • Limited to products with video carousels.
    • Even for products selling 100 items per month, only a small percentage of potential buyers view and click on influencer videos.

Future Growth:

  • An increase in video carousels will lead to more visibility for influencer content.
  • As UK consumers become more familiar with shoppable videos, click-through and sales are expected to rise, enhancing influencer commissions.
  • Significant commission growth is anticipated in the UK storefront if Amazon expands the influencer program to include more products.

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