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Buyselltext Review – My experience using BST




buyselltext content review

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If you’ve been following me a while, you’ll know I have a lot of niche sites. In fact, that’s the bread and butter of my business.

A question that keeps popping up for me though is how do I source all the content those niche sites demand?

Do I write it myself?

Do I outsource?

As you can probably tell by the title of this review I outsource a lot of it, and mostly to Buyselltext.com.

I have also been building a fantastic team of writers ( 7 in total ) that write pretty much full-time for me across 9 websites.

So I wanted to go ahead and give an in-depth review about the service I outsource content to when my writers are busy.

I will be covering my personal best practices when it comes to outsourcing your writing (and there will be some juicy tips here), and why I recommend Buyselltext over other services  

So, What or who is Buyselltext.com?

In short, they’re a content platform that connects you (the content publisher) with their team of in-house writers ( All USA writers )

Let’s say you have a blog and it’s thirsty for content and you just know it will grow faster with good content – what do you do?

You could write the content yourself – but that’s time-consuming and non-scalable.

You could hire a freelance writer on a site like Upwork – but that’s unorganized and really time-consuming to set up (might be faster to just write it yourself)

…or you could simply dump your instructions onto a platform like Buyselltext and have them write it before you know it.


BuySellText handles a lot of different content services:

  • Blog post writing for Adsense blogs
  • Review & buying guide content for affiliate sites
  • Conversion & engagement optimized content for high-value money pages
  • Keyword optimized content for SEO
  • Press release writing

…and more. I mostly use them for blog writing & Amazon review writing, since my sites are monetized via a combination of Adsense and commission revenue.

So you probably want to know two things right-off the bat.

How good is their content?

…and how much does it cost? (..and can I make a profit on it?)

Ok, that might be three things, but who’s counting?

BuySellText only hires U.S, U.K, and Canada based authors. Our writers have deep expertise covering a whole range of projects, whether that be writing blog posts, authoritative content, product descriptions, reviews, buying guides, press releases, Facebook posts, Twitter posts and more!


So to give you an idea of how good their content is, I set up a bit of an experiment to see how well and how quickly a few articles they wrote me would rank.

I ordered 3 articles that I intended on posting to one of my Adsense sites. I gave Buyselltext some very basic instructions (which is what I usually do). Pretty much just the keyword/topic of the article and I let them go to work.

Within a couple of days, I had the content delivered – and so I posted them to my niche sites that same evening.

You can read one of those articles by clicking here

The Results?

Within 48 hours one article was ranking at the top of the search results, another in the top 5 and the third article at 11 – although it climbed further up a few days afterwards.

Now, these weren’t super competitive keywords, but they definitely weren’t layups – you’d be surprised at how many people wonder about the blinking habits of guinea pigs (and no, they don’t blink).

So why did their content rank so well?

To answer that question, you first need to understand what makes good content in Google’s eyes. There are a lot of factors that go into it, but the main ones are listed below, along with my evaluation of Buyselltexts content.

There are other on-page factors at play of course, but a lot of the quick ranking power came from the writing wizardry of Buyselltext.

You can watch the full video of my experiment here:

Did I make a profit outsourcing my content? ( Tracking ROI )

OK, so it ranked well you say, but can you make any money when you’re outsourcing the writing?

Writing the content myself would have been cheaper (duh!) – but would it be more profitable?

The answer isn’t as obvious as you think.

Basically, what we need to know is this – how much does every dollar spent on content earn back in revenue – whether that’s in terms of ad revenue from readers or affiliate commissions?

For content I write myself, everything earned is profit. However, there’s a bottleneck to how many articles I’m able to write (that’s usually about 2 posts a day for me) and that bottlenecks the overall volume of traffic I’m able to generate.

that means I’m making apx $400 of profit on every $100 I spent on content from Buyselltext after 18 months if the content ranks as good as expected. ( See figures below )

Here’s a bit more detail on how those numbers add up – on the left you’ll see how much I spent on an 800-word article (which is the average length I order). On the right you’ll see how much, on average, that article will make after 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months from a ad revenue only.

It could be a lot higher if your content is product focused.

This is comparing only the cost of content to the revenue earned by the published page from ad revenue only going on an RMP of £18 assuming the content gets 500 views a month after month 6.

You can track these things on a page-by-page level with adsense (for ad revenue) and referral link click tracking for affiliate or sales-based revenue.

As you can see, I’m making a decent return on each article – and by outsourcing my content I can post a lot more articles than I could if I was writing it all myself. It also lets me put more focus on linkbuilding and outreach to increase my exposure.

In short, yes, it actually pays to outsource.

You will need a website that is out of the Google sandbox and able to get a significate amount of traffic each month.

But that’s a whole different story.

On the test I did above the site was getting around 40k visitors a month.

If you’re just starting out – I mean you’re a total green horn – I’d recommend writing the first few articles yourself to get a feel for the whole process. Keyword research, content optimization so on and so forth. It’s invaluable knowledge.

But if you already have a website or blog that’s making some money, you can really supercharge your business by outsourcing the content to Buyselltext and replicating the process with new websites.


So how much does it cost to outsource your content?

BuySellText offers three main tiers of pricing:

  • Good ($2.5 per 100 words): This service is best used to produce relatively straightforward, but well-articulated material for micro niche sites, small blogs or SEO guests posts, as well as for backlinking content.

My take on this option: This is a solid entry option, but the quality is a little less consistent than the Great tier, which is what I recommend.

  • Great ($4 per 100 words): The content is better researched, stylistically more engaging and written by BuySellText’s top reviewed writers. These pieces are appropriate for use on money sites, blogs and guest posts, or for Amazon review sites. My choice for most niches

My take on this option: This tier provides excellent quality writing, that is consistent across all the writers I have worked with thus far. Delivery times are fast, and overall this is the option I recommend for most clients.

  • Best ($8 per 100 words): These pieces are written by their exclusive team of top copywriters and typically feature deep research and stylistic optimization to maximize engagement. If you have a high-value blog, or you’re laser focused on driving up engagement or conversion rates, this is your go-to. My choice for technical niches or YMYL

My take on this option: This is some magazine level writing, but it’s overkill if you’re using it for a micro-niche site. If you have a high-value blog, or have a solid understanding of your content ROI and this fits within that budget, then it’s worth the investment. You can’t get better content than this.

Bulk Price

Since I order articles in bulk, BuySellText provides a great deal with their bulk deposit bonuses.

When I used to deposit $1000 at a time I would receive a 5% bonus. Now I deposit $5000 at a time, and I receive a 10% deposit bonus.

So, for example:

You deposit $2500  Your balance will reflect $2625 ($125 deposit bonus)

You deposit $6000  Your balance will reflect $6600 ($600 deposit bonus)

These prices are inline with the average rates you’re going to find from other content platforms like textbroker, or your average freelancer on Upwork and Fiverr.

So the decision to pick one platform over another comes down to all the things you get for that price – the quality of writing, delivery time, content optimization and customer service. Let’s dig into those now.

What I really like about Buyselltext

Account manager and Customer service

Buyselltext is a managed service – so your US or Canada based account manager is going to be assigning your order to the most qualified and available writers.

That means faster turnaround times and better content. Your content is then reviewed by a quality control specialist to make sure it has followed all your guidelines as well as Buyselltext’s own internal best practices before being delivered back to you.

This doesn’t require any more work from you – your account manager and QA specialist is going to do this behind the scenes for you. If their team thinks they need more clarification about something they’ll reach out to you via email to make sure they fully understand what you’re looking for.

Their support team is awesome ( shout out to Lisa my account manager! ) and has saved me hundreds of dollars since I started working with them.

There have been times where I accidentally duplicated topics/keywords in some of my bulk orders and Buyselltext reached out to me to confirm if that’s what I really wanted.

Whoops, my bad!

I gave them replacement topics/keywords and the content was delivered just as I wanted.

Overall, their service has resulted in me asking for far fewer revisions than I usually have to on other platforms – and a lot more ready-to-post articles.

If you ever need to reach out to your account manager, you can do so easily from your dashboard.

Their team of USA based writer

Most content portals allow writers to pick up assignments at random, leaving quality control issues to be tackled by you once the content is delivered. Buyselltext matches your content to the most qualified writer available. If your order is larger, they’ll create a team of writers for it to make sure it gets done fast.

You can favorite writers you want to work with in the future – and easily direct order them work if you want to. You can also block writers from your future assignments if they don’t quite match the tone or style you’re looking for.

I usually just leave the content open to all writers – the quality is consistent enough that leaving it open just makes sense to me for that boost in delivery speed. 

Working with minimal guidelines

This ones a biggie for me – I’ll usually provide 5 to 10 keywords at a time for my blog and ask the team to create 10 unique articles off of that, with not a whole lot in the way of instructions.

Yeah, I know, that’s just asking for trouble right?

On other platforms this usually doesn’t end up well – 10 different writers end up working on my assignment, with several of them covering the same thing. Not good when you want to post these on one blog.

Buyselltext usually assigns these to one or just a couple of writers, and I always end up with fully unique content that I can post on my blog.

Working with detailed Guidelines

Although I don’t usually send Buyselltext a lot of guidelines, some of my friends do – they’ll send them Google doc outlines listing out subheadings and other details for the writer to follow.

From I’ve heard they’ve done a great job working off those instructions, which is good news because a lot of people like sharing those kind of guideline templates with their writers.

Working with SurferSEO

SURFSEO is a tool for doing content research – their system analyzes the content of websites already ranking for the keywords you want to rank for and then gives you a sort of article template to work from – this will include keyword suggestions, density and word count ranges and an editor where you can paste your content for comparison.

This tool is separate from Buyselltext (they’re completely unrelated), but a lot of people outsourcing their content use it for initial research.

I’ve sent Buyselltext a few of these Surfseo links to work off of and they knocked it out of the park each time. They submitted the content both through their system and via the Surfseo page itself, and the result was well-optimized content.

Handling Revisions

I don’t need revisions too often – in most cases the content comes out right the first time, but when I do it’s been a smooth process.

Buyselltext provides revision for articles within 3 days of delivery. I’ve had instances where I needed revisions beyond the normal 3-day window though – so I dropped Lisa an email and she processed the revision through for me anyway.


As you go through the order process, you’ll be presented with some extra options to pump up your content.

My two favorites?

Meta description writing & automatic WordPress posting

Their meta descriptions are typically under 720 pixels in length, which is great for mobile, and it’s well optimized with keywords and smart action words to drive up clickthrough rates. It’s free for Great and Best tier content, and only $1.50 at the Good tier.

I don’t use too many SEO tools like Rank Math but I know a lot of you do. So, this feature will be greatly received my many.

WordPress Posting

WordPress posting is like the name suggests – you can have your content automatically published as a draft or live post to your WordPress once it is completed. I usually opt for a draft so that I can make sure everything looks right before publishing.

You can set a posting schedule, and for bulk orders, you can even set automatic delays between each post it makes.

If you’re not able to add a WordPress blog here, it’s most likely because your host has XMLRPC disabled – in this case you’ll want to contact your host to get it enabled.

Delivery Speed

BuySellText usually delivers content below 5000 words in 2-3 business days, but this can vary depending on order loads. I’ve had a bunch of content delivered within 24 hours or less, while other times it took 4-7 days.

For high volume orders their delivery time is more flexible, and usually arranged with the client – you’ll see deliveries every day though, instead of having to wait for the whole thing to complete.

They’re a bit slower than Textbroker or iWriter in my experience, but not by much –I’m fine waiting a little bit more for the quality I’m getting, which is a lot more consistent than those services. I also don’t need to ask for revisions too often which saves me time on the backend.

My Pro Tips: Buyselltext gets most of their orders in the first week or two of the month, so I find delivery times to be faster when ordering in that last 7-10 day window each month! For high volume orders, you can get a custom delivery estimate by emailing your account manager. In my experience their estimates have been very accurate.

Buyselltext VS the Competition

There’s three kinds of content services as far as I’m concerned. You have managed, unmanaged, and freelancing services – the latter which isn’t really a content service, but allows you to hire writers on a freelance basis.

I’ll be using Buyselltext, Textbroker, Iwriter, Fiverr and Upwork here for comparison:

Price (per 100 words)

BuySellText – $2.50 – $8.00

TextBroker – $1.70 – $7.20

iWriter – $0.73 – $7.20

UpWork – Variable

Fiverr – Variable

Type of Service

BuySellText – Managed Content Agency

TextBroker – Unmanaged Content Agency

iWriter – Unmanaged Content Agency

UpWork – Freelance Platform

Fiverr – Freelance

SEO Optimization

BuySellTextYes Their writers are well trained in the 4 big factors of content optimization: Mobile Readability Optimized with short paragraphs, sentences and frequent heading optimal keyword placements and LSI variationsHigh readability across age groups and demographicsWell optimized answer snippets

TextBrokerYes and No. This depends on the writer that wrote your article, as they do not have global quality control measures for ensuring consistent SEO best practices.

iWriterNo. This depends on the writer that wrote your article, as they do not have global quality control measures for ensuring consistent SEO best practices.

UpWorkNo. You will have to train your writer

FiverrNo. Most gig writers do not do a good job optimizing your content

Guaranteed Native English Speaking Writers

BuySellTextYes. All their writers are US, Canadian or UK Natives with English as a first language. All the content I have received reflected this as well.

TextBrokerMostly. All their writers are US based.

iWriterNo. Their writers are from all over the place – and chances are a non-Native-English speaker will be working on your content.

UpWorkNo. You will have to manually find and hire Native-English writers.

FiverrNo. You will need to make sure the seller is a Native-English writer and is not subcontracting

Delivery Speed

BuySellTextFast. Usually 2-4 days per 5000 words. In my experience, they are slightly slower than Textbroker & Iwriter, although the difference is minimal.

TextBrokerFast. Usually 2-3 days per 5000 words

iWriterFast. Usually 2-3 days per 5000 words

UpWorkOften Slow. You really need to work with your freelancer to set due dates and make sure they adhere to them.

FiverrSlow. Most gigs are a one-man operation, so turnaround times can be long and unpredictable.

Ease of Order

BuySellTextEasy. Just submit your order via their simple order form or spreadsheet. You’ll find my guide further down below.

TextBrokerModerate. Submit your order via their order form or a spreadsheet. A bit more complicated than Buyselltexts.

iWriterEasy. Submit your order via their order form. No spreadsheet order system.

UpWorkVery Hard. Requires posting a job, filtering applicants, training, and overseeing them.

FiverrHard. You need to sift through a lot of service providers and pick one to take a flyer on.

Order Management

BuySellTextEasy. You can easily search, filter and download orders or individual articles from your my orders page.

TextBrokerEasy. You can search, filter and download orders from your order history page.

iWriterEasy. You can search, filter and download orders from your order history page.

UpWorkVery Hard. Your content will be delivered via workroom messages (think chat) with zero organization.

FiverrHard. Your order will be delivered via a message in the gigs order page. Can’t easily search and find content or orders.

Overall Quality

BuySellTextHigh. The consistency of BST’s content is excellent. It doesn’t matter what writer selects my content, I always get back exactly what I wanted. It’s supremely well organized, affordable and fast.

TextBrokerModerate. It’s hit or miss – some writers do a great job and others do an awful one. It’s like playing the content roulette, you never know where it’ll land.

iWriterPoor. 3-4 years ago their content would have been acceptable for SEO. Today, it is not. They have far too many writers with a poor grasp of English. Even their higher-tier writers are hit or miss. There seems to be minimal quality control here.

UpWorkModerate. Find the right writers and you can hit the Jackpot. But you have to test a lot to find one

FiverrModerate. This varies by gig, but to be honest, most of the ones I have used – including the top rated ones – were pretty poor.

Suitable for SEO Agencies?

BuySellTextExcellent. These features make BST a great option for SEO agencies:  

  • Fast Delivery Times
  • Solid bulk discount options
  • Spreadsheet order form
  • Easy order management system
  • API
  • Excellent SEO optimization
  • Consistent Quality Across all Writers

TextBrokerGood. Delivery times are fast and the order management process is good.

iWriterAcceptable. Delivery times are fast and the order management process is good, but a lack of volume discounts, spreadsheet order form, and poor content quality makes this a pass.

UpWorkPoor. You need to give a lot of instructions and feedback before it hits the target.

FiverrPoor. Buying bulk content on fiverr is going to be a painful process of playing order management Tetris.


Placing your first order


Placing on an order on Buyselltext is super easy – but really flexible for clients that need a lot of content, or have complex requirements.

Personally, I strongly recommend their spreadsheet order system. It is super simple and wildly flexible. You’ll be able to order 1 or 1000 articles in no time. Here’s how to do it;

Another Top Tip: If this still looks too complicated to you, you can just email Buyselltext directly with your order details – they’ll format and put your order through for you at no extra cost.

1. Log in to Buyselltext

Login to your Buyselltext account – create one if you haven’t already. (using the referral code carl01 for a 10% discount off your first order)

2. Buy Content

Go to the Buy Content page

3. Import Spreadsheet

Select spreadsheet order

4. Order Type

Select your order type (There’s going to be a bunch of options here, such as blog writing, review content, product description, buying guide, and a lot more – just select the type of content you want to be written) – and click ‘to the next step’.

5. Download Sample

Download my sample spreadsheet below – yes, Buyselltext already provides a sample, but it’s going to be easier to follow along if you use mine. As a bulk buyer, I also got access to a developer sheet, which is going to give you extra options that aren’t yet public – and you’re going to love it.

My Order Spreadsheet

6. Open Spreadsheet

Open my spreadsheet – you’re going to replace the values with what applies to you. Below is a table explaining each column and what you want to enter into them. I’ve also included some pro tips to get the most out of it.

Project nameThis is for your reference only. You’ll be able to search and filter your orders by project name, so if you have a lot of orders in their system it’ll really help keep things organized and easy to find.  

Pro Tips:   If you’re an SEO agency for example, you might want to name your projects after your clients.   If you’re managing a bunch of micro niche sites like I am, name your project after the site you’re getting the content for.  
Article TopicYou’re going to enter in the topic of your content here – now you might only have a keyword and want the writers to come up with their own title. That’s fine, just enter in the keyword in that case. If you have a specific title or topic in mind though, input that here.   
Word CountJust enter the target word count of the article.   This needs to be a single, plain number, so don’t enter any ranges or add commas. If you want your content to be 1,500 words for example just enter 1500.   You can enter a different word count for every article, making this the best option if want to bulk order multiple articles of different lengths.  
Quality LevelI went over this further above – your choice here affects the amount of research that’s going to be done, as well as the level of writer that will have access to your order.  

Pro Tip:   I recommend the Great tier for most projects, as it’s a solid balance between price and value.  
InstructionsThis is pretty self-explanatory – enter in your requirements or instructions here.  

Pro Tip:   If you’re using a service like SURFSEO, enter the SURFSEO editor link. Buyselltext does a great job working with their system.  
(Optional) SEO KeywordsEnter in any keywords here – separate each keyword by a comma. If you have a density requirement, enter the specific number of times you want the writer to use the keyword, in brackets, immediately after the keyword.  

Example:   Dog training(5), dog walking, crate training(2)   In this example, the writer will need to use the KW ‘Dog training’ 5 times in the content, dog walking at least once (once doesn’t require adding density in brackets) and crate training 2 times.  
(Optional) Anchor TextOK, this is pretty fun, and isn’t available to the general public yet, but it’s available to you if you use this spreadsheet.   Let’s say you want the writer to include a specific keyword that is hyperlinked to a URL you provide.   You’re going to enter the keyword in this field. Mind, you can only enter one keyword or it won’t work and you’ll get an error. You can’t specify density either, so simply enter the keyword only.  
(Optional) Anchor URL  So you’ve entered the anchor text in the field above – here you’re going to enter the anchor URL. One URL maximum. Make sure that the URL is fully spelled out, including the https://www/ at the beginning.   Buyselltext’s system will automatically inject the URL into the first instance of your anchor text. Since this is automatic, it’s guaranteed to work and you don’t have to worry about explaining what an anchor text or anchor URL is to writers. (believe me, it’s not common knowledge)  
7. Upload

Now you’re going to upload your completed spreadsheet to Buyselltext as seen below.

8. Preview Order

You’ll see a preview of your order. It might look a bit weird, especially if you filled in the anchor text and URL, since their UI doesn’t yet support displaying all that info (I told you that sheet was ground level work) – but regardless of what it looks like, as long as you didn’t get hit with an error it should have worked fine. So click through to the next step.

9. Additional services

Here you’ll be able to select some additional services if you need them. I usually select the meta description service – which is free for Great tier content and above.

A lot of clients opt for source references as well. The automatic WordPress posting is a really cool service to have – and best of all it’s free.

10. The rest is self-explanatory

You’ll be asked to make a payment for your order via Paypal or Credit Card. Afterwards your order will be processed through to their team of writers automatically.

Downloading & Managing Your Orders

Managing your order(s) is even easier.

Buyselltext will email you whenever an article is ready – or for multi article orders, when the entire order has been completed. You’ll be able to click through from your email to download your content, but you can also find, filter and download your content straight from your my orders page as soon as it is written.


  • Each row is a separate order – you can expand your order to display the individual articles that are a part of it.
  • You can easily download the complete order in a single zip file, or individual articles as doc files if you need to.
  • For each article it’ll show you the topic you entered, the writer that wrote it (with an option to block them), it’s status, completion date and the ability to leave feedback on your order.
  • If it is within 3 days of delivery, you’ll also be able to request a revision from here.
  • The filter and search options at top make it super easy to find the proverbial needle in the haystack – I’ve ordered thousands of articles from Buyselltext, and never had trouble finding any one of them.


Buyselltext combines excellent quality of writing, cutting edge content optimization and first-in-class customer service – making them my go-to for content.

Although I have trained multiple good writers on Upwork over the years, it was a time-consuming process with a hard limit on how far it could scale. Buyselltext delivers the same custom feel like my own team of writers, with a much more organized interface and faster delivery times.

I highly recommend the service for both small publishers and large agencies or blog networks.

Use my referral code below to get 10% off your first order, and access to my account manager.

Content Quality – A SEO Optimization – A Delivery Time – B Interface – ARATING A – Outstanding

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions on Buyselltext and other services after spending over $40000 last year on content. Please make sure you do your own due diligence before entering into any orders or contracts.

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