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Why is Passive Income such a swear word?




passive income
passive income

In these uncertain times, the idea of generating an income with minimal ongoing effort is a popular aspiration.

I’m sure if you type “passive income” into Google you will be inundated with articles, tutorials, schemes, and financial products that sell the dream of a non-work or early retirement type of lifestyle. 

But passive income is also one of those divisive concepts that either inspire or irritate people.

Perhaps it is because it seems out of reach for so many, folks either love or loathe the thought of getting money without having to continually work for it.

Worse still if your passive or residual income is digitally derived, few people understand how you are making a legitimate living.

So I thought that it would be worth putting my foot in it and asking “why is passive income such a swear word?”

As an affiliate marketer, my efforts and investments are about building businesses that will eventually generate income without me having to continually pedal them.

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