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I posted a video every day for 30 days




youtube orbit

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I finally completed my 30-Day YouTube Orbit. OKAY… It wasn’t the 365-day one you’re supposed to do.

But, that would only be possible if the videos were 2-3 minutes long each day and you had nothing else to do at all.

As always, I like to share my thoughts and insights with my email subscribers first before making a video.

Here are some of my thoughts about the whole Orbit experience and some advice if you’d like to try one.

What is an Orbit and what’s its purpose?

A YouTube Orbit is not commonly known and is not done by many people.

I first learned about them when I watched Youtuber Casey Neistat do one many years ago.

He filmed every day for 2-3 years before it almost broke him mentally.

Financially it made him!

A YouTube orbit is where you post a long form video ( not shorts ) every day for a set period of time.

It’s not used for making more money, because the videos are not keyword or product focused so often they don’t get a good CPM.

Unless, you target a topic, product or service.

I decided to do a ” Day in the Life of an Affiliate Marketer Orbit”

But you can do anything it doesn’t have to be personal like that.

You can simply film 30 videos and schedule them each day to upload.

There are several reasons why someone might choose to do a YouTube challenge where they post a video every day for 30 days.

Here are a few common motivations:

  1. Building a Consistent Presence: Posting daily videos helps establish a regular presence on YouTube, making it easier for viewers to discover and engage with your content. It signals to your audience that you are committed and serious about your channel.
  2. Increasing Engagement and Subscribers: By posting more frequently, you have the opportunity to engage your audience on a daily basis. Consistent content can attract more viewers, generate higher watch times, and increase the likelihood of subscribers, ultimately helping to grow your channel.
  3. Developing Skills and Discipline: A 30-day video challenge can serve as a personal growth opportunity. It pushes you to hone your video creation skills, develop editing techniques, and improve your storytelling abilities. Consistently creating content also requires discipline and time management skills.
  4. Experimenting with Content Ideas: The challenge provides an opportunity to test different content ideas and formats within a short timeframe. By producing a variety of videos, you can gauge audience feedback, identify what resonates with your viewers, and refine your content strategy based on the results.
  5. Boosting Channel Performance: YouTube’s algorithm tends to favor channels with frequent uploads, as it aims to promote active and engaging content creators. Posting daily videos can help increase your channel’s visibility and reach, potentially leading to higher views, watch time, and recommendations from the platform.
  6. Generating Momentum and Buzz: A concentrated burst of daily videos can create excitement and anticipation among your viewers. It can generate a sense of momentum around your channel, encouraging viewers to tune in daily and share your content with others.
  7. Building Trust and Connection: Regularly posting videos allows you to establish a stronger connection with your audience. By consistently showing up and delivering value, you can build trust, loyalty, and a community of dedicated viewers who look forward to your daily uploads.

It’s important to note that committing to a 30-day challenge requires significant time and effort, so it’s crucial to assess your resources and capabilities before undertaking such a project.

It can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to balance consistency with quality content to ensure long-term success on YouTube.

What I learned and what I would do differently

1) Make sure your monthly calendar isn’t full of Birthdays, Holidays or events that will make filming almost impossible

2) Decide on the format early. Is it a daily look into your life or simply pre-recorded videos scheduled daily.

3) Pre-Make thumbnails just in case your day gets too busy to find the time to make them. Have some backup thumbnails ready.

4) Get a sponsor for the whole Orbit. That way, if views and Ad revenue isn’t good. It’s not been a waste of time for you.

5) Shorts don’t count. Don’t think you can cut corners and throw in a few shorts some days. YouTube does not recognise them as long form videos and you’ll break the Orbit.

6) Post at the same time each day. This does two things. a) Gives your audience something to look out for each day b) Better for YouTubes algorithm.

7) Figure out your reason for doing it in the first place and don’t be afraid in the videos to ask for it. That might be subscribers, it might be to sign up to your mailing list

8) Quality still counts. Try to make your videos the best quality you can. The last thing you want to do is lose subscribers because you’re rushing content out.

My Results

Let’s start with the positives

Watch time – UP 151%

Views – Was up 92 %

Revenue – 102% Up


Subscribers – Down 67%

Would I do one again?

Yes, But I would do it differently.

I wouldn’t do a Day in the Life series. I would pre-record 30 videos and get someone to sponsor the series and schedule them out daily at the same time each day with amazing Thumbnails.

I would target a keyword or Topic to have more of a targeted reach.

If you look at my analytics I didn’t lose subscribers…. I just didn’t gain as many as I usually do when my videos are targeted at a certain audience.

In fact, in my video breakdown out soon. You’ll see some of the videos did really well and gains subs.

But not as many as if I had talked about actual search topics like AI Content etc

Overall, I’m glad I did it.

I challenged myself and also gained the respect of my family because they actually got to see the effort that goes into my business each day.

Thanks for watching.

I hope it’s helped you decide if you’d like to try one.

Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.


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