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How I’m building my websites ( The right way? )




how to build a website

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When I first started building websites. I simply purchased some hosting and a theme. Added some content to the site and then opened a Facebook account.

I might then have posted a few images and a couple of videos to that Facebook account and then got bored and stopped doing it.

I thought, that this was enough to tell Google ” Hey, I’m here. Rank my content”😂 LOL

I was hoping that would be enough of a social signal to help me rank my content.

Little did I know how ineffective that was. One social media account that is hardly ever used or seen is not going to be enough to rank you content.

I now place a big priority on creating as many social signals as possible. With hundreds of potential links from popular social media platforms, there are lots of opportunities to grow your presence in your niche.

You don’t even need to actively use these accounts. Just creating them and linking them back to your website can do your authority and brand awareness the world of good.

However, The process of opening dozens of accounts can take a long time. Time I could use better myself elsewhere creating more awesome articles.

So, I use a service to open multiple accounts for me. They use your details and email address just like you would to open the accounts.

Once completed they will send you a spreadsheet with all the log in details.

I personally use the Social Fortress package with Basic machine-generated listings then give it that extra boost by adding Crush the SERPs- Social power up. These two features will be enough for any niche website.

I then list my business ( Website ) Yes, your website is a business in all the business directories I can find like Yell.com

Again this can be a time consuming process. So, I outsource this to the same company. Check the prices here.

I then make as many Google Web Stories as possible. If you need help with that I can highly recommend Allison. She does all my web stories. ( They can even be monetized ) Please mention my name when you contact here.

She is ultra-busy. So, please. Only apply if you are willing to spend $300-400 a month to get organic traffic from Google Web Stories.


( Mention my name when you contact Allison, Thanks )

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