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21 Blogging Tips for 2021





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I have learned so much in the past year. So, much so that I thought I would share some of my Best Blogging tips that might help you grow your online business or make more money in 2021.

If you’re starting a new blog in 2021 then you might find my blogging tips for 2021 helpful.

I’m a huge niche website fan and now have a portfolio of over 9 which brings me in $7000-9000 a month every month.

Dare I even say it… Passively!

So, here’s my 21 Blogging tips 2021 to help you make more money online in 2021 Let’s hope you find them helpful.

I really like No 15 and 21. Let me know in the comments which blogging tip is your favorite

0:00 ► Intro

00:31 ▶︎ It’s all about the data

01:08 ▶︎ Pick a niche you like

01:58 ▶︎ Break up the paragraphs

02:31 ▶︎ Don’t do it alone

03:26 ▶︎ Quality vs Quantity

04:37 ▶︎ Stop using stock images

05:26 ▶︎ Limit the clicks

06:12 ▶︎ Focus on PA, not DA

06:51 ▶︎ Don’t give up for at least 12 months

07:59 ▶︎ Logo’s don’t matter

08:25 ▶︎ Use more tables and charts

09:20 ▶︎ Think like the user

10:16 ▶︎ Answer paragraphs are gods

10:46 ▶︎ Fluffy intros don’t work

11:23 ▶︎ Let your family read your content

12:06 ▶︎ Write content for mobile

12:49 ▶︎ Information vs Products

13:17 ▶︎ Use branded emails

13:58 ▶︎ Think like a local business

14:37 ▶︎ Keep costs low

15:22 ▶︎ Ignore the haters

16:22 ▶︎ Final Thoughts

16:39 ▶︎ End

Thanks for watching!

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