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Website Forsale Hutch&cage ( SOLD )




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Okay, I have been thinking about this for over 9 months now and I think it’s time to sell one of my favorite websites Hutchandcage.com

So, why am I selling it now?

Let’s start with a little bit of background history before I share tons of data and numbers with you and how I came to the valuation.

This site was started nearly 4 years ago now ( 3 Years and 9 months ) to be exact and it has lots of authority in the small pet niche. I started the project on YouTube to show people how to build a website and make money online.

This website has made me over $45’000 in the past 3 years. Incredible to think how much this has made and how much it will go on to make for many years to come.

TO BE CLEAR: This has been a public case study and has attracted attention.

Even though the site has attracted attention and the odd copy cat it has still been a stable and profitable website for years.

In fact, until the last few days, I haven’t posted on the site for over 12 months and it’s still been a great income provider and held many of the number 1 spots on Google and has done for years.

All the content on the site was written by humans ( NO AI content ) and has been edited with ads and some affiliate sales in mind.

The ratio is about 85% information with 15% aimed at a high-converting affiliate pet product and some amazon products.

Again, you ask, why am I selling now?

Well, the site at its peak hit 120K pageviews per month, This was apx 18 months ago and due to Google updates and some more competition in the niche, the site declined in traffic.

I have had many experts look at the site and they all confirmed the site is good, runs fast and has no obvious signs of anything wrong.

I also started new projects and just didn’t have time to devote to it. So, I just sat on the site and collected over $1000 a month for years.

Before selling the site I wanted to make sure the site and traffic were stable and starting to grow again. I also wanted to make sure I had some ideas for the new owner to grow the site.

So, I have been testing and seeing some good results. I’m now more convinced than ever that this site can go big again with a small change in direction.

I will of course help the owner to achieve this with some recommendations, keyword ideas, and online help.

The main reason now is the time to sell

You may know that I have been selling off most of my portfolio to focus on one website over the next 12 months. Having too many sites has distracted me from growing them all, or even one to a point where I’m happy with them.

Hence, no growth on Hutchandcage. Just too many projects!

My new website case study and the only website that I will be focusing on has also grown VERY fast and is costing me a fortune to build and grow.

I’m paying 11 writers, 2 VAs, and Video editors to the tune of over $4000 a month.

I haven’t got the funds to carry that on without selling a few websites.

I might even sell GardeniaOrganic.com after summer when we see what that site can do through the peak months. It will be the first big year for that site in 2023. So, I’m interested to see the results. But again, I might sell this site if the right offer comes in to help fund my single website case study.

The journey of Hutch & Cage

You can see from YouTube that I have built this site on solid foundations. No shady link building, no paid traffic. It’s all organic growth and some Pinterest Traffic

You can follow the story on my YouTube channel and see the site at its peak after being hit by one of the Google Updates.

I’m 100% Convinced that this site if just left alone with come back stronger than ever when Google rolls out another update.

In fact, I’m seeing Month on month growth again already. See a snapshot below

The last 2 months have seen apx 12-18% growth.

I haven’t done any work on the site over the past 12 months so this is just naturally coming back up the SERPs rankings for some organic keywords.

I have added about 10 articles in the last few days as I wanted to test if the site could rank for different categories in the niche.

The answer was yes. 10 Articles not about small pets ranked instantly on page 1 and started to bring in new traffic straight away.

What I would do if I was the new owner

Okay, so there is some work to be done on the site for sure.

Some of the bigger keywords and profitable pages have dropped because I haven’t looked at them for over 2 years.

I have a plan of action below that I would consider doing. Some don’t need any big changes like domain name changes or redirects. But, some bigger changes could result in huge profits.

Or… you could just leave it as is and cash in for years to come.

It’s up to you!

Things you could do

  • I have used 3 types of product boxes across the site like AAWP, Amalinkpro and Amazon. I would go through the product pages and only use one tool for all of them. Many of the products are out of stock as well. Just doing this would increase earnings by apx $100 a month instantly. I’m sure of it.
  • Look at turning the site into a broader animal and pet niche site. I have been testing wild animals and cats and dog posts. All ranked well and shows promising signs.
  • Think about moving away from small pets only. You might have to change the name? or domain. But I feel hutch and cage limits you. Names like: My Animal World, Crittercorner, Animaladore etc. Might be better.
  • Create more categories for Dogs, Cats, and Horses and expand on wild animals
  • You could also consider Fish and Ponds
  • Update older content and focus on the worst-performing 50 posts. This will be a quick win.
  • Start our reach and guest posting to attract more backlinks
  • Look at cleaning up any spammy links the site has attracted.
  • I run one pet affiliate program that was earning over $1000 a month on its own. Look at the posts and see why they are not performing as well. Is it new competition? I would create more clusters around this program and products and push more links to those pages. Try to win back that $1000 a month which I think will be pretty easy, to be honest
  • Make a YouTube channel for the site or at least start adding videos to the pages
  • I have a Pinterest account for the site which was bringing in over 10k pageviews a month it’s more like 2000 now as I haven’t posted on there for 2 years. Bring it back to life and start growing it again.
  • Optimize the best 25 pages and try to monetize them better. Look for high-paying affiliate products like pet insurance for higher commissions.

As you can see there are lots of things to do on the site to capitalize on the current status and traffic numbers.

Figures and Proof

I will list below and screenshot as much of the proof and data as possible without making this post look crazy full and complicated.

Serious buyers, I’ll be happy to jump on a call and log in and show you everything personally.

For that… You will need to provide proof in funds.

I’m happy to delete any videos on YouTube that the owner does not want on there. Remember it has been a case study and there are lots of videos about the site.

Many of which bring in harmful traffic. But, if there are a few videos you don’t like being on YT I will delete them for your peace of mind

Payment and transfer can go through Escrow if you want, or we can work something out together to save costs.

I use Spirdrweb.co.uk for all transfers and I will pay the cost of this. You don’t have to worry about anything. We will ensure the site gets transferred to you as smoothly as possible.

It will take apx 10 days to complete

Let’s start with the price

I would usually sell a site for a 35-36 multiple of the last 6 months earnings.

However, because the site has been a public case study and has some risks compared to a private site. I will reduce the price to a very realistic 30 Multiple.

This makes the price $19,161

I feel this is a fair price and will ensure without any work at all the site will pay for itself in less than 2 years and will then bring in the new owner 100% profit thereafter for many years to come.

If the new owner works on the site I can see it paying for itself in 12 months!!

Remember this is now a 4-year-old-aged domain with authority and some good backlinks. It’s ripe for expansion.

Traffic & GSC

This graph is from the past 16 months as that is as far back as GSC goes. It’s hard to see the growth over the past two months so I’ll show you some mobile snapshots below:

Last 30 days compared

December, Nov and Oct


Last 30 days

The site was with Mediavine before March 2022 and I cannot get that data for you now. However, here is Ezoic from March to Dec

So, it averaged apx $540 a month from Ezoic with an average EPMV $19.39 which is huge in the pet niche


This has dropped significantly due to a couple of product tools like AAWP and Amalink pro not being renewed or updated.

I would go through all the product posts apx 15 % of them and make sure the products are in stock

I get a little bit from the UK but mainly the USA

Here is last years:

And here is the last 30 days:

Other affiliate programs

This is for another pet affiliate program. I love this company as it’s super easy to promote and pays a great percentage commission.

Again, here is a snapshot of recent transactions:

This is where I would focus first. In 2021 I was making over $1000 a month just from this company


All my keywords are tracked in Serp Robot and I have a spreadsheet with all the keywords listed written and some still to write.

Here again, is a snapshot:

At its peak, this site ranked no1 for over 400 keywords.

Remember though if that was still the case the site would be worth over $100k

Pinterest Account

I have a Pinterest account for this website that i have not logged into for 12 months.

I just logged in and I’m surprised that it’s still running and bringing in over 25000 pageviews last year. That’s worth $500 in ads and I haven’t scheduled a pin in 12 months. WOW CRAZY

So, i have just added a few pins to my Tailwind Pinning software and we’ll see how it goes.

I think it could easily bring in $2000 with 1-hour of work per month to pins some new pins to the boards.

I’ll make a video about this soon

Final Thoughts

This site at one point was worth over $120’000

It’s not been attacked or had Malware or anything. It’s just a matter of neglect.

I haven’t done anything to the site for over 123 months and just watched it slowly lose its keyword rankings.

I do believe it can go big again in a short period of time.

The authority of the site is great:


and here is MOZ

I have tested new topics and they all rank well so expansion away from small pets would be easy.

I would be shocked of the new owner couldn’t double traffic and income in 6 months if they put 5-10 hours a week into it.

I will try to transfer the Pinterest account to the new owner if possible.

However, if you rebrand the site and start a YT channel I would suggest starting a new one with the new logo and branding etc

If you are seriously interested and have proof of funds then please email me at keywordcare@gmail.com and we can chat.

Price = 30 x average monthly income from all Amazon accounts, Ezoic, and other pet affiliate programs.

Amazon: $94.08 ave a month

Pet affiliate Products: $102.88

Ezoic: $441.75

Equals: $638.71 average income per month

x 30 multiple = $19,161 sale price



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