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Video 4 – Website Giveaway




website giveaway

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In this video, We’ll look at content and in particular the type and style of content that I feel will work well within this niche.

I also ask for your help to answer a question and suggestion a viewer gave to me.

Check the video out. You’ll understand more after watching it.

I still think that we can rank some keywords within the ‘ Lifestyle hacks ‘ niche but I also feel we will need to write and publish some ‘ HOW TO ‘ posts. These will be much easier to rank.

The key to the success of this site will be ‘ Original content ‘ and unique images and videos.

I’m 100% convinced that this will be the key and possible way to make a post possibly go VIRAL

I have had two go viral before and it’s amazing to watch. Not only the traffic but the backlinks and Domain Authority it can give to a site.

Okay, watch the video and let me know what you think.

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