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New Website Case Study 2023

Thanks for signing up for my newsletters and taking an interest in my latest case study.

Firstly, let me explain why I wanted everyone to follow the journey of this website via my email newsletter.

It’s due to YouTube and the lack of reach I’m getting on that platform.

YouTube is not recommending my videos to you guys and notifying you when I publish a new video.

Even if you have the bell icon ticked, it’s still not letting everyone know that I just published a video and in some cases, people have been unsubscribed from my channel without them even knowing.

I think it’s a YouTube issue because a friend of mine with over 180k subs is having the same issue.

If you’re new to my channel, first of all, welcome and secondly you might want to watch the video below so you know the plans for this website.

It’s the only time in the last 4 years that I have put all my attention into one site. All of my team are excited to write and develop this site. So, much so that they all agreed to put their names and images in the Bio.

This dramatically increased E.A.T and we saw an instant bump in traffic.

I’ll make a video about this shortly, or it could already be published on my playlist here depending on when you sign up for my newsletter.

You can see the huge effect it had on traffic 48 hours after adding Author bios and creating an author section on my main homepage ( Not something I’ve ever done before ) and linking all their socials and past posts in those boxes.

I used Popcorntheme’s built-in author boxes, which is a free block inside the theme to quickly add them. It took 10 minutes max!

Again, there should be a video on my playlist about this by the time you get this email.

Spot the day I added authors to the homepage and bios on each page!

Let’s get started on this new journey.

From now on you’ll receive regular emails ( Apx one every 7-10 days ) keeping you updated on the progress of this website and sharing all the good and bad parts of building this website.

Thanks for taking an interest, I hope some of the tips and knowledge I share about this website helps you create a successful website that meets all your expectations.

Good luck, let the fun begin


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