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How Long Does It Take for the AMAZON Influencer Program to Approve First Three Videos?




How Long Does It Take for the AMAZON Influencer Program to Approve First Three Videos?

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Waiting for feedback after submitting your first three videos to the Amazon Influencer Program can be a test of patience.

As someone deeply integrated into the intricacies of the program, the timeline for review often stretches between four and five weeks.

Top Tip – Refrain from deleting videos if feedback is delayed to avoid resetting the review process. Remain patient during the four to five-week review period for initial video submissions.

Understanding the Amazon Influencer Program Approval Process

When applying to the Amazon Influencer Program and submitting the initial three videos, applicants can expect a review period of approximately four to five weeks.

It is crucial to exercise patience during this time. One should avoid the mistake of deleting those initial videos if there’s no communication from Amazon within this period; this would only reset the process back to the beginning.

Patience and Perseverance:

  • Do not delete videos after four or five weeks of silence—this restarts the process.
  • Retain the original videos until they are either approved or denied.

Within my dedicated community known as the Side Hustle Insider, there is a consensus that the current review time averages between four to five weeks, which is significantly longer than past timelines.

The advice given to community members is to remain patient and not alter the submitted videos in any way.

Monitoring Video Approval:

  • Check the influencer dashboard regularly.
  • An unlocked padlock icon indicates approval.
  • If denied, a notification will appear on the dashboard.

Upon potential rejection, influencers are afforded two additional attempts to submit videos. This means that there are a total of three opportunities to achieve approval.

Post-Rejection Strategy:

  • After a rejection, ensure the new or edited batch of videos follows all of Amazon’s terms and conditions before resubmission.
  • Align the subsequent submissions closely with Amazon’s requirements to increase chances of success.

The Importance of Patience

When participating in the Amazon Influencer Program and having submitted the initial three videos, the review process by Amazon is currently averaging between four to five weeks. This duration may seem extensive, but patience is essential.

It is crucial not to delete the initial video submissions, as this would reset the progress entirely, returning to the initial starting point. Persistence is key during the waiting period.

Consequences of Deleting Initial Videos

After being accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program and submitting the initial three videos, it’s crucial to avoid deleting them, even if several weeks pass without any updates.

If a participant removes their videos after a four- to five-week period of silence from Amazon, this action effectively resets the process to the beginning.

For detailed guidance and strategies on creating compliant and successful videos, resources like in-depth courses within my Side Hustle Insider community can be quite beneficial. These can aid in expediting the approval process and contributing to earning potential from shoppable videos.

Steps Following Approval or Rejection

Upon approval, access to uploading shoppable videos, which can generate commissions, is granted.

This is indicated by the absence of the padlock symbol on the user’s account dashboard.

  • If Approved:
    • No padlock symbol on the dashboard.
    • Begin uploading shoppable videos.
  • If Rejected:
    • Notification on the dashboard.
    • Two additional chances to either:
      • Resubmit the original three videos with edits.
      • Submit a new set of three videos.

It is imperative to ensure that resubmitted or new videos strictly adhere to Amazon’s terms and conditions to increase the likelihood of approval.

Resources for Successful Video Submissions

In light of extended review times for video submissions within the Amazon Influencer Program, creators are reminded of key strategies aimed at optimizing their submission process.

Below is a concise resource guide to assist with the submission stage:

  • Expected Review Timeline: Currently, the initial review period for the first batch of three videos can span between 4 and 5 weeks.
  • Patience is Crucial: Creators are advised to refrain from deleting or editing their initial video uploads during the review period. Any modifications can reset the submission process to the beginning.
  • Monitoring Approval Status: To stay updated on the status of video submissions, frequent checks of one’s influencer dashboard are necessary. The removal of the padlock symbol indicates an approval, whereas a notification will appear for any rejections.
  • Action Following Rejection: Should the videos be denied, there exists the allowance to either revise the initial set or submit a new trio of videos. A total of three submission attempts are permitted.
  • Adherence to Guidelines: It is paramount that all video submissions closely adhere to the program’s terms and conditions to maximize the chances of approval.
  • Educational Resources: Additional guidance is available in an in-depth course within the Side Hustle Insider community, dedicated to mastering the intricacies of the Amazon Influencer Program.
  • Expertise and Support: For those seeking accelerated approval for their videos and to ensure compliance with Amazon’s guidelines, the Side Hustle Insider community offers access to a comprehensive course, capable of supporting creators through the initial submission phase.
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