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Replace Your Amazon Sitestripe Images Instantly With AM Image Master




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If you’re an affiliate marketer that’s been using SiteStripe to add Amazon images to your website, these are all going to expire on your website very shortly!

Amazon has decided to completely stop the SiteStripe image feature as of December 1st. On December 31st, all images previously added using Amazon SiteStripe will break.

I’ve finally found an easy solution to this fiasco. It’s very affordable and it’s currently available for a one-time fee!

The AM Image Master plugin scans your entire WordPress website, identifies all posts and pages with images that were previously added using SiteStripe, and then automatically swaps them out with a click of a button using the Amazon API.

It also has an added feature that allows you to add new product images to posts using the Amazon API (using both the block editor and classic editor), making it very easy to include product images in your posts in line with Amazon’s terms.

The plugin uses the Amazon Product Advertising API, which is what Amazon are advising their affiliates to use.

It does not save the images to your website and instead serves them from Amazon’s servers, which is a much better approach to comply with their terms of service.

How it Works

  1. Go to the AM Image Master and get the plugin, you can try it for free on 10 posts.
  2. Go to your email and download the plugin.
  3. Upload the plugin to your website.
  4. Add your Amazon API keys (The Amazon API is free to access for approved Amazon Associates accounts)
  5. Pick the image size you want.
  6. Go to the plugin dashboard and click “Fix My Amazon Images”!

It’s that simple. We can then all move on and forget about this whole SiteStripe problem!

It replaced all the SiteStripe Images on My Site in About 30 Seconds!

I’ve tested it on my site, and it efficiently replaced the images on 51 posts with a single click!

It even worked perfectly inside reusable blocks where I had comparison tables.

Add New Products Using the Amazon API

If you’re wondering how you’re going to add Amazon images to your sites when the SiteStripe image feature is removed, this plugin also has a solution for that.

The creators of this plugin have added a very useful tool that allows you to pull product images into your blog posts using the Amazon API. It’s very simple and works with both the block editor and the classic editor.

This is the easiest and cheapest solution that I’ve found to the SiteStripe fiasco.

It might take you weeks of work to replace all of your Amazon SiteStripe images manually.

Instead, you can do it with this tool at the click of a button, for a fee of only $47 for one site (and with discounts for multiple websites). I would certainly consider checking out AM Image Master if you’ve got SiteStripe images on your website!

Swap Site Stripe Using AM Image Master Today!

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