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Here are the contact details for the writers I use or have used in the past.

They have allowed me to share their details with you. Please only contact them if you really need work.

Please don’t waste their time and make me look bad. I’m just trying to do you and them a favor!

1) Lillian – Human content


2) Karen – Human Content


3) Renee – Human Content


4) Igor – AI Assisted or 100% Human


Hi, my name is Igor. I am a skilled writer who can produce SEO-optimized articles, both 100% human and AI-generated. Articles are run through SurferSEO before publication to ensure the text is better optimized than the competitors.

5) Joe – josekaranja30@gmail.com

Thank You

Feel free to email any of these writers and see if you can work together.

They have all been with me for years and I trust their work and they always deliver on time and to a good standard.


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