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Video No1 – Niche Hunting




niche hunting

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So, We have lift off!

The 12-month Public website case study, which I will be building, and then giving away has just started.

I have published the first video in the series so you can follow the journey of building a successful ( Hopefully ) niche website then see my give it away to one lucky viewer.

Take a look and see which niche you think we should go after.

You have the chance to vote for either:

  • Wedding Planning
  • Garden Wildlife and Ponds
  • Hacks
  • Gardening for kids
  • Gap Year Traveling

Once you have all voted. I will pick the winner on Monday 4th Jan 2021

The next video a few days after will be all about choosing a domain name.

Then we can set up hosting, add the theme ( A theme designed and built in conjunction with )

I love the theme and the winner will get it for free on this website.

I’m using it on all my sites from now on. It’s super fast, clean and looks cool.

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