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Do Amazon Influencers get free products




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Only Amazon Influencers in the VINE program get free items to review, but they do not receive commissions on their product sales.

The standard process for Amazon Influencers is to film and review items around their home. In return for uploading a 1-3 minute product video tagged to an item sold on Amazon. They will receive a commission if a qualifying purchase is made.

The majority of shippable videos you see under ” Related videos ” next to a product on Amazon are items people have around the home or they have purchased with the intention of reviewing and making a video for the Amazon Influencer program.

Ways to get free products with the Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon influencers typically receive free products through a variety of methods, which include:

  1. Amazon Vine Program: This is an invitation-only program where Amazon selects customers to receive free products directly from Amazon in exchange for honest reviews. The Vine program is not limited to influencers, but being an influencer with a large following can increase the chances of getting an invitation.
  2. Direct partnerships with brands: Influencers often establish relationships with brands that sell on Amazon. Brands may send free products to influencers in exchange for exposure to their audience. This can include reviews, unboxing videos, social media posts, blog posts, or other promotional content.
  3. Affiliate marketing: While not directly providing free products, Amazon’s Affiliate Program allows influencers to earn commissions on products sold through their affiliate links. Sometimes, after proving their ability to drive sales, influencers might negotiate deals with brands or sellers for free products in addition to affiliate earnings.
  4. Amazon Influencer Program: Similar to the Affiliate Program, the Amazon Influencer Program allows influencers to create their own storefront and recommend products to their followers. While the program itself doesn’t provide free products, influencers can leverage their storefront to showcase items they’ve received from brands for promotional purposes.
  5. Influencer platforms and agencies: There are platforms and agencies that connect influencers with brands looking for promotion. These services can help influencers find opportunities to receive free products in exchange for their promotional efforts.
  6. Sponsored content: Influencers may be approached by brands or Amazon sellers to create sponsored content. This can include a payment in addition to free products, and the influencer would then feature these products on their channels.
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Conclusion and final thoughts

In all cases, influencers are required to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, which mandate that they disclose any material connection between themselves and the brands whose products they promote.

This includes noting if they have received free products, if they are being paid for their posts, or if they will receive commissions on sales through affiliate links.

The Amazon Influncer program can be a great way to earn a side income and can lead to partnerships that will give them access to free products.

But, only after a proven sale record can be provided.

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