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  • Income Report for Nov 2020

    Income Report for Nov 2020

    So, this month as you can see by the thumbnail has been one of my best month as far as income is concerned. The figure you see is from all my affiliate income apx $7500 and the sale of one of my websites Take a look at the video and see how and where […]

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  • Taking Back Control from Google

    Taking Back Control from Google

    Over the past 3 years I have seen some positive changes to the world of blogging but over the past 6 months some really terrible changes. Google Core updates that just totally tanked some sites Amazon commission rate cuts Indexed and ranking articles totally disappear or de-index for no apparent reason. So, I have decided […]

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  • Fishkeeping Wars – I go head to head with Income School

    Fishkeeping Wars – I go head to head with Income School

    Some of you may know that back in 2019 Income school came to my home and helped me setup and build one of my biggest websites in the fishkeeping Niche. Now, Income school has purchased their own fishkeeping website. A failing site that they plan to recover and turn into a successful website. See my […]

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  • How to write posts cheaper!

    How to write posts cheaper!

    Learn how to publish posts cheaper and faster! We all know that content is king. Without it we cannot get organic traffic which is the lifeblood of any website. I share with you my thoughts and processes of finding keywords and topics for you to write about and then how to order content from BuySellText.

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  • My Plans for a MEGA Website

    My Plans for a MEGA Website

    Take a look at my ambishush plans to build a Mega website. A website that is far away from my niched down affiliate websites. But will it work? Who knows but it’s safe to say I’m giving it one hell of a go. See my 4 year predictions and financial outlay and expected return or […]

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  • Income Report – May 2020

    Income Report – May 2020

    Here is my income reports from May 2020 and as you can see from the thumbnail it was better than Feb as the number in green suggests. But how did I earn this money from my online affiliate websites? Well, play the video and all will be revealed.

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  • 7 Tips To Help Bloggers Write Faster

    7 Tips To Help Bloggers Write Faster

    Times money, Or so somebody once said. So, I thought I would share some of my tips to help you create amazing blog posts faster. I share some of my blogging tips that will help you create content faster and easier. A less stressful way to produce great blogs that will rank faster and bring […]

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  • Amalink Pro Tutorial

    Amalink Pro Tutorial

    This is a nice little tutorial from Pro Blogger Income on YouTube ( Josh ) who is a friend and a fellow YouTuber. He also works for their technical support. So he knows his stuff! To see the latest price for Amalink Pro a great tool to add Amazon products, Comparrison tables and Images whilst […]

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