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This is a fun project that someone could really take to the next level. This was a case study on my channel. Niche is lifestyle hacks and would benefit from videos as well as written content



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Carl: Selling for a friend

This website was one that I built as a full case study in the very general niche of lifehacks.

At the end of 12 months, I gave the site away to one lucky viewer. Since the new owner has had the website he has added a few more articles but never really focused on growing the website.

He now wants to sell the website and move on to something new.

If you've not seen the playlist for this case study I will link it here:

The website ranks for a few good terms and is now firmly ranking in the hacks niche.

A new owner who could add a YouTube channel and more unique content could do really well from this website.

Notes from owner below:

New owner had the site from 1st November 2021 (7 months old)

Hosted with Spiderweb & Cloudflare

37 posts

No impact from the Google Core update

Averaging over 700 visits per month (680 – 760)

Screenshots from last month and last 3 months attached

So far been targeting zero search keywords from Keyword Chef.

Just about ready to be monetised with Ezoic.

A great site for someone to pick up and run with :o)

Reason for sale – I’m spreading myself too thin, and the site isn’t getting the volume of content it deserves.

Price: Best offer

You can email me for more information:

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