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More info on FerretProblems

This is a lovely little website with 116 articles all of which are ranking.

The site was purchased from a viewer of the channel and then revamped by myself. I added plenty of new content and overhauled the old content.

This niche is small but can be expanded to cover more pets or similar animals like stoats, weasels etc.

There are still many more articles that could rank for ferrets and we haven't really covered the products they need.

So, plenty of room for expansion on this website

The site has never been hit by Google updates and all content ranks fast.

Traffic in May was 1850 and ranges between 1500 and 3000 depending on the time of the year.

May's numbers are attached ( 1850 ) 5.67% Up through the core update

The site is monetized with Ezoic but has a low EMPV because we haven't focused on any product. Mostly information content so there's room to increase and even double the empv quickly with some more targeted content.

See the screenshot from Ezoic attached

This website would make a great starter site for someone new or someone who has the time to look at the old content and update and add 1-2 articles a week.

I can see this website getting 10000-20000 views per month really quickly. I have not done any work on this website for many months so it's a little neglected.

You can email me for more information:

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