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Over the past 4.5 years, I have been growing a targeted audience on both YouTube and via a Newsletter.

My newsletter is ‘cleaned’ monthly – Which means it remains highly targeted at Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers, so you can expect even better results than some bigger email lists might promise.

I send out emails once or twice a week, depending on what’s happening in our industry and my portfolio/business.

The last email I sent out included a link for Linkifi, a backlinking service. It resulted in 55 clicks through to their service and 4 sales.

Netting them $16,500 within 48 hours of sending the email out.

You can sponsor an email by placing a paid advertisement in the middle of the newsletter.

It will look similar to this one:

Types of ads allowed: Anything related to services, tools, software, products, events, YouTube channels, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts and most things related to online business (all to be approved by myself).

Ads can include:

  • 200 words of text max
  • One image or square graphic (you must provide)
  • One link
  • Promotion code

Cost: $250 per email


I have a loyal following on YouTube and have over 10,000 subscribers and growing and have reached over 700,000 views.

Video and Email are by far the best ways to promote your business.

The results are instantaneous and far exceed blog post shoutouts.

The last video I published for a product (AI Writing tool) received over 1,500 views in the first month and resulted in 600+ clicks, 67 sign-ups for paid accounts, and over $5,000 revenue for the company.

That number will continue to rise as more and more people view the video over time.

PS: I only accept video mentions for services and products that I have either tested or can test.

Otherwise, it will just be a logo and link in the description for a lower price.

Also note, video views are very suspectable to YouTube’s algorithm so I cannot guarantee numbers or sales. I will also, in full product reviews, be totally honest and impartial.

So, to recap the opportunities on my YouTube Channel.

  • Full Product or Service Review – Dedicated video, minimum of 5 minutes long with discount promotion code mentioned in the video, Logo on a thumbnail, and link in the description. Published on YouTube and Shared on Twitter and through my newsletter
  • Paid Promotion: This is a cheaper alternative for smaller companies. You will receive a link in a video description (the video will not be specific to your product) and a mention in the video. Example: This video is sponsored by “xxxx”

Cost: Full Product Review $1,000

Paid Promo: $500

There are very limited spots for these as I only make about 4-5 videos a month now.

How to book

If you are interested in any of these packages or have other ideas as to how we can collaborate, please contact me: carl@carlbroadbent.com

Or direct message me through Twitter here

Bulk slots are available at a discount. But no more than 4 slots per person/company!

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